Carhartt Launches Women’s Workwear Spring 2024 Collection

Carhartt's Women’s Workwear Spring 2024 Collection is designed for women of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles.

Carhartt's launched its Women’s Workwear Spring 2024 Collection
Carhartt’s launched its Women’s Workwear Spring 2024 Collection

With women revamping the definition of “work” and a growing percentage of women entering the skilled trades, Carhartt has developed a new line of workwear for women of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles with the launch of its Women’s Workwear Spring 2024 Collection. 

Consisting of premium, durable lightweight TENCEL branded fibers in both jersey and French Terry, the Women’s Spring 2024 collection features Carhartt sweatshirts and enhanced tees that aim to set a new standard for softness, comfort and durability, both on and off the job. Now available online and at select retailers nationwide, each piece combines a soft, warm texture with durability that’s tough enough to withstand any hardworking task without sacrificing breathability– all inspired by feedback from real hard working women.

Carhartt has supported working women since first producing women’s coveralls for industry workers in 1917. Recognizing that “work” for today’s women translates to multifaceted occupations and responsibilities with versatile needs, the new women’s workwear collection from Carhartt is built for women looking for durable, high-quality gear with a comfortable fit they can depend on. 

Featuring both new products and new spring colorways, including Lilac Haze, Dried Clay, Coral Glow and Tropical Peach, the Carhartt Women’s Spring 2024 collection with TENCEL brand includes French Terry crewnecks, henleys, short sleeves, various t-shirt designs.

Later this year, Carhartt plans to launch several additional lightweight women’s products, ranging from more durable work pants and joggers, to gear designed for sun protection. 

Alongside the Women’s Workwear Spring 2024 Collection, the brand’s commitment to serving hardworking women continues through larger initiatives aimed at lighting the way for more women in the skilled trades and supporting them in all facets of “work.” For years, Carhartt has supported myriad efforts benefitting women, most recently underscored with its Nov. 2023 donation to Baby2Baby that provided hardworking moms nationally with basic essentials like diapers, formula and children’s clothing. The workwear brand also dedicated its Spring 2023 round of “For The Love of Labor” grants to organizations that provide job training for women entering the skilled trades, with plans for a similar initiative in Spring 2024 on International Women’s Day. 

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