Cooled-by-ZutaCore GIGABYTE Servers

Cooled-by-ZutaCore GIGABYTE Servers with AMD EPYC Processors on demonstration at OCP Global Summit 2020

GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd, a global leader in precision engineered servers, and ZutaCore, a waterless, two-phase, liquid cooling company, have announced their partnership to bring to market their first pre-configured, warrantied Cooled-by-ZutaCore GIGABYTE servers. GIGABYTE’s rack servers are ready-to-integrate solutions for demanding server applications. ZutaCore’s HyperCool™ technology provides direct-on-chip evaporative cooling to meet the challenges posed by server-level hot spots and edge computing requirements, while mitigating the risk of IT failure.servers

This server OEM partnership with ZutaCore enables the scalability of HyperCool by leveraging GIGABYTE’s established global network. Now, for data center owners and operators in need of servers that integrate into rack systems equipped with the latest in liquid cooling, this provides a clear path to creating a full solution. For example, the pre-configured GIGABYTE servers can be implemented alongside the recently announced Rittal HPC Cooled-by-ZutaCore solutions, which will be demonstrated at OCP Global Summit booth B9. With this platform, customers have the benefit of IT racks from Rittal and servers from GIGABYTE, combined with waterless, two-phase, direct-on-chip, liquid cooling technology from ZutaCore for a fully qualified strategy to address the ever-growing demands of high power processors.

“GIGABYTE is thrilled to be the first major server OEM providing Cooled-by-ZutaCore servers to the data center market,” said Daniel Hou, CTO, GIGABYTE. “As we invest more into the advancement of liquid cooling technology, we believe ZutaCore is a partner that shares our goal of providing efficient, high performance cooling solutions that look at the massive problem of cooling in a completely new and extremely effective way. It is becoming clear that liquid cooling is an important technology that will be capable of keeping up with future cooling demands. With ZutaCore’s direct-on-chip, waterless, two-phase technology we are going beyond what our hyperscale and colocation customers are asking for so we can evolve with them.”

Now customers can use integrated servers from GIGABYTE combined with a Rittal HPC Cooled-by-ZutaCore technology platform to transform data center economics and push the boundaries of cooling. The HyperCool solution is a complete hardware system, enhanced by a software-defined-cooling platform that alleviates cooling challenges at the chip, server, rack, POD, and data center levels, consistently, in any climate. With ZutaCore, customers can triple computing densities on a fraction of the footprint and halve costs. Furthermore, two-phase liquid cooling is prepared for any evolution in high-powered chips, as there is no limit to what it can cool as processors progress upwards of 1000 watts.

“We have always looked at the full picture to understand the many pain points that drive decision making in data centers,” said Udi Paret, President, ZutaCore. “While we feel we have cracked the code on cooling and improving overall data center economics, we know this is not possible without being closely aligned with leading, global companies who address the bigger picture. By bringing to market Cooled-by-ZutaCore GIGABYTE servers, we take the guessing out of the equation. Customers already know and trust GIGABYTE and can now extend that belief in a truly scalable cooling platform from ZutaCore to effectively dissipate heat generated by the most powerful processors on the market.”

Representatives from GIGABYTE and ZutaCore will attend the 2020 OCP Global Summit from March 4-5 at the San Jose Convention Center. At the Rittal booth, number B9, visitors can view an interactive demo of their Cooled-by-ZutaCore GIGABYTE servers. Specifically, the TO22-Z61 GIGABYTE servers will be available as pre-configured for Cooled-by-ZutaCore solutions.