CR Pump Delivers Industrial Solution

Grundfos’ new generation of vertical multistage pumps increase efficiency, reliability

The Grundfos CR vertical, multistage, centrifugal in-line pump family works for almost any industrial solution—including those for high-pressure, hot, dangerous, flammable, and aggressive liquids. Now, the CR Pump range has been upgraded with a new, more robust generation (CR 95, CR 125, and CR 155), offering an optimized hydraulic design for energy pump

The pumps are being released after extensive research, development and testing of new hydraulic designs, and are engineered using state-of-the-art production methods, including a fully automated and flexible production line. Once the new generation is fully released, it will include three extra-large flow sizes of up to 580 psi pump pressure. A small footprint makes the pumps easier and less costly to install than comparable pumps.

The new CR pump range has been developed using simulation-driven design to perfect every component and has been field-tested. The CR is available in millions of different configurations through four modules: Motors, Shaft seals, Pump modules, and Connections. The pumps are suitable for industrial processing systems, washing and cleaning systems, pumping of acids and alkalis, filtration systems, water pressure boosting, water treatment, HVAC, and irrigation.

“The new CR significantly moves the limits for energy efficiency, which is essential when you are working with large pumps,” explains Jay Stellmacher, vice president of sales at Grundfos. “Anyone working with the new CR will literally have millions of customized solutions available to them to boost pressure throughout their entire facility.”

Grundfos offers a “mix and match” modular approach, so users can configure a pump that meets their exact needs. The company will test, qualify, and document all modules, just as they do for any standard Grundfos pump.

The basic CR pump range is available in four different materials: cast iron, two grades of stainless steel, and titanium. Thirteen flow sizes are capable of producing up to 180 m3/h at 50 bar, with a variety of shaft seals, rubber materials, and supply voltages.

Pump parts typically vulnerable to difficult liquids or demanding operating conditions are optimized. Grundos also offers highly efficient “E” version pumps with a built-in frequency converter (CRE) or pumps with an external frequency converter (CUE). These combine the very best of pump technology with highly efficient motors and variable speed drives. Users will never use more energy than needed.

The Grundfos CUE drives are specifically optimized for pump operation and available in all voltages and frequencies for pumps in the CR range. CR pumps up to 30 horsepower can be fitted with either integrated drives (CRE) or stand-alone drives (CUE). For the large CR/CRN range, Grundfos offers plug-and-play drives that can even be preconfigured and tested to suit specific needs.

The CR range forms the backbone of the Grundfos plug-and-play Hydro MPC booster systems. These performance-optimized systems are available in configurations with up to six CR pumps, allowing for flows of up to 5,400 gpm.

The expanded range of CRs can also be integrated into Grundfos Engineered Systems, which deliver systems designed and engineered specifically to meet the needs of any project. The GES packages arrive pre-wired, pre-piped, and pre-commissioned which allows for ease of installation. GES packaged systems come with a multitude of options for pumps, valves, controls, intelligent controllers, and VFDs for specific equipment requirements.