Current, powered by GE, Utilizing Tridium’s Niagara Framework

This week, Current, powered by GE, announced an expansion of its building automation ecosystem by forging a relationship with IoT solutions provider, Tridium. Under this agreement, Tridium’s IoT software platform, the Niagara Framework, will be used with Predix, GE’s secure, industrial-strength cloud environment, to capture and analyze the volume, velocity, and variety of machine data generated across the commercial and industrial buildings.building automation

With more than 500,000 installations globally, Tridium’s Niagara Framework enables the integration of diverse building automation systems and devices, regardless of manufacturer, communication standard, or software.

“Tridium’s Niagara Framework has changed the way the world operates and manages buildings,” said Maryrose Sylvester, president and CEO of Current. “This relationship will significantly expand our portfolio of building automation solutions, as well as enable Current customers and members of the Niagara Community to create and access open-sourced facility optimization tools. They will also have access to Current’s energy management microservices, which are designed to optimize commercial and industrial buildings.”

building automation
GE’s Predix is a cloud environment that brings together device connectivity, data integration and management, data analytics, cloud, and mobility.

“We are excited to welcome Current into Tridium’s global ecosystem of IoT technology partners,” said Nino DiCosmo, president and general manager of Tridium. “The Niagara Community has grown into an extensive group of companies and technologies with thousands of Niagara-based applications, all focused on driving innovation in building automation. With the addition of Current to our ecosystem, we expect to continue the IoT evolution in the commercial facility landscape.”

This announcement follows Current’s acquisition of Daintree Networks in April 2016, which expands Current’s building automation platform and energy-as-a-service offerings to small- and medium-size facilities through the deployment of Daintree’s open, standards-based wireless control systems.

Introduced in Spring 2016, Current combines GE’s capabilities in LED, solar, energy storage, on-site generation, and electric vehicle infrastructure into an ecosystem to benefit its customers and partners.