DCLASS Access Control Power System

LifeSafety and DMP integrate to deliver all-in-one solution for easier installation and wiring efficiencies

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) and LifeSafety Power® announced an integration delivering a customized enclosure that simplifies installing power supply and sub-assemblies for access control.power system

LifeSafety specializes in smart power solutions and patented remote networking capabilities. Among its access control power systems, now LifeSafety offers the “DCLASS” integrated DMP power system for two to 18 doors. It’s a customized system that’s combined with DMP’s 734/734N Wiegand Interface Modules, all in one compact and secure UL Listed enclosure.

“A lot of our dealers have told us they like using LifeSafety power supplies and enclosures,” says Adam Kinder, product manager for DMP Access Control. In combination with our controllers he adds, “It’s a solution that requires no modification.”

The DCLASS unified power system offers maximum flexibility, functionality, and savings to access system designers. The enclosures are engineered to house FlexPower boards in one compact, secure system. The engineered backplate pattern minimizes installation time. Power boards mount on snap-in stand offs while access boards mount on supplied threaded metal standoffs.

DCLASS is 19 Gauge steel with a textured black finish. A 4.5″ enclosure depth accommodates the battery. Lock and tamper switch are standard.

This all-in-one approach minimizes wall space, simplifies installation, and reduces time and labor costs.

Traditionally, access control integrators needed three separate cabinets for system power, lock power, and access hardware, plus an electrician to wire the cabinet space and each of those power supplies. The DCLASS combines DMP’s access hardware, system power, lock power, and optional network management modules into an optimized wall space footprint.

“Since our modules are covered inside the enclosure, they’re available to order with or without their plastic covers,” Kinder says. In addition to single and dual voltage options, he adds, “The DCLASS offers a managed option with networked power specifications for live voltage and current reporting, as well as remote battery load testing, output power cycling, and abnormal operation alerts.”

All of the DCLASS power configurations and related technical documents are posted on LifeSafety Power’s website. Orders should be made through LifeSafety or its distribution.

“We’re excited to offer this integration to our dealers. This gives them an additional power and access control solution they’ve been asking for,” says Kinder. In this particular case, Bryan Smith from Koorsen Fire & Security in Indianapolis requested the integration.