Vapor Tight LED Series From EarthTronics

These IP66 wet location rated LED lamps are suitable for many exterior lighting applications, such as parking garages, outdoor walkways and stairwells, and under canopies.

EarthTronics, a Muskegon, MI company dedicated to developing innovative energy efficient lighting products, recently introduced its new line of Vapor Tight LEDs. These IP66 wet location rated LED lamps are designed to provide a low-cost solution for lighting parking garages, cold storage, walkways, stairwells, under canopy, exterior retail, and other wet, dusty and dirty environments.

EarthTronics Vapor Tight LED Series

The 48” long, Vapor Tight LEDs from EarthTronics are available in 30 and 40 watts, producing 4200 and 5600 lumens with a 150° beam angle. Both units feature a 5000K color temperature with a high 80+ CRI. They have a 0-10 Volt dimming standard and will perform in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 122°F.

The Vapor Tight LEDs feature a fully gasket polycarbonate housing, which provides the IP66 wet location rating for wash down and dusty conditions. The enclosure is easy to install, as well as easy to service and clean. An internal micro-wave sensor is available by special order.

The new Vapor Tight LED Series from EarthTronics is Design Light Consortium (DLC) and UL listed with a 50,000 hour performance life. The lights may be accepted for utility rebates in many markets.