Disaster Recovery Pocket Source

Mobile application or computer program to help in disaster situations

The Disaster Recovery Pocket Source™ from The Systems Audit Group, Inc. is a way to help cope with disasters. Available as a mobile phone App or standalone for PC/Mac, it is an essential reference for facility managers, computer operations managers, emergency personnel, risk managers, security managers, librarians, record managers, systems executives, public-safety personnel, and business recovery coordinators, as well as claims adjusters, insurance agents, and any others responsible for helping to put organizations back to normal after a crisis.disaster recovery

The Disaster Recovery Pocket Source includes active links to vendor websites for access to recovery assistance. This compilation of specialty vendors in thousands of locations throughout North America is divided into hundreds of selected categories of hard-to-find disaster-recovery help. These range from document-drying and emergency rental of network and computer equipment to trauma counselors, ransomware mitigation, secure data-destruction, planning for pets, mobile kitchens, crime-scene cleanup, and data-recovery.

The Disaster Recovery Pocket Source also includes tutorial sections on “getting started” in disaster planning, and “have you forgotten,” covering many commonly-overlooked areas. The app is based on over 25 years’ experience in disaster recovery and business continuity by The Systems Audit Group, Inc., working with hundreds of practitioners in organizations ranging from banks and insurance companies to manufacturers, software developers, retailers, colleges, local governments, and many others.

disaster recoveryThe Mobile App can be downloaded from all App stores while the standalone version is available from Amazon and delivered via USB flash drive (aka “thumb drive” or “stick drive”). It will work on PC’s, MAC’s, or other devices with web browsers and a drive port.


  1. I am a big fan of the Systems Audit Group and what they have done once again show how they care about customers and their safety! Thank for this.

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