FM Alert: Do You Know The School Janitor Of The Year?

FM Alert: Janitor of the Year. School janitors work behind the scenes year-round to make sure their facilities provide students with a clean, safe, and positive learning environment. If your school has a janitor on staff who deserves recognition, Cintas Corporation is accepting nominations for its third annual Janitor of the Year contest to honor these hardworking — but often unrecognized — heroes. Nominations will be accepted online through March 1.

Created to shine a spotlight on school janitors who often receive little recognition for their hard work and dedication, the contest will award $5,000 to the winning janitor, and $5,000 in Cintas and Rubbermaid products and services to his or her school. A $500 cash prize will be awarded to an additional top nine finalists.

“Janitors are often the heart of the school and as much a part of the school experience as teachers and students,” said John Engel, Senior Marketing Manager, Cintas. “We want to highlight the important work janitors do in not only improving the well-being of students and staff, but in getting students and staff ready for their days by creating a clean and safe place for our children to learn.”

School Janitor Of The Year
Sherry Albright of Trine University in Angola, IN was crowned the 2015 Janitor of the Year. (Source: Trine University)

After nearly 100,000 votes were tabulated following last year’s contest, Sherry Albright of Trine University in Angola, IN was crowned the 2015 Janitor of the Year. Albright accepted her award during a campus-wide parade complete with a marching band, police cars, cheerleaders, a housekeeper drill cart line, and a community-wide ice cream social.

Cintas’ Janitor of the Year contest is open to all elementary, middle, high school, and university janitors who have worked at their school for at least two years. Nominations must be 500 words or less on why the janitor is deserving of the award.

School Janitor Of The Year.“Rubbermaid Commercial Products is proud to partner with Cintas in showcasing the Janitor of the Year,” said Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ President Neil Eibeler. “We realize how important their hard work is to our communities and we are committed to providing innovative solutions that make their jobs easier and safer.”

The top 10 finalists will be announced on March 15, at which time the public will be asked to vote for their favorite janitor. The janitor receiving the most votes will be crowned Janitor of the Year. Voting will be open until April 15.