DragonFly DIY Security Merchandising by SDN

Security Dealer Network (SDN) has created a merchandising kit for its DragonFly DIY security system. The kit is available to participating SDN resellers and contains all the materials and resources necessary for dealers to start selling the product. These include a number of customizable sales and promotional materials designed to help drive consumers to the DragonFly Security System e-commerce platform.

diy securityDealers who sell the DragonFly DIY security system receive recurring monthly revenue for each customer who signs up. Dealers who have already joined SDN will receive instructions to download the kit while new reseller partners will be given the same support and materials once they sign-up.

The DragonFly DIY Security System provides video verification of activity inside and outside a home, garage, or cabin based on the location of MotionViewer® cameras. Users can install the wireless, battery operated night vision cameras inside or outside using the easy install app. They can also view video alerts and dispatch to the monitoring station from their smartphone. The monitoring station then shares the verified alarm with police for emergency response.

There are no start-up or recurring costs associated with joining the SDN dealer network. Dealers are provided with individual websites branded for their specific company and target consumers. Consumers will be able to purchase Hub Kits (Indoor, Outdoor, and Indoor & Outdoor); indoor or outdoor MotionViewer cameras; and accessories directly through the website. They can also sign up for the level of professional monitoring they desire.

The DragonFly Security System offers two monitoring plans: Basic and Premium. The Basic Monitoring Plan sends users alerts when a MotionViewer camera is triggered. Users can choose to dispatch to the Monitoring Station for further action, or dismiss the alert. They can also add Followers to the account for additional eyes in the community. The Premium Monitoring Plan offers all the benefits of the Basic Monitoring Plan. In addition, if no action is taken on an alert, the video will automatically be sent to the monitoring station for review.

Among the materials included in the DragonFly Security System DIY merchandising kit are:

  • A link to each participating dealer’s branded website where customers can place orders
  • A statement stuffer to be included in mailings participating dealers send to their existing customers
  • A sales brochure to inform new and potential customers about DragonFly Security System
  • A digital display ad with a link to the participating dealer’s custom landing page that can be placed on their current site or other e-commerce site
  • Social media posts with images dealers can use on their social channels

Participating dealers can also customize each of these with their logo and contact information to create branded sales and promotional materials.