Dur-A-Flex Releases Epoxy Flooring System, Vent-E

Dur-A-Flex, Inc. launched a new breathable epoxy system for floors with elevated moisture and salts—and creates new markets for epoxy floors.

Vent-EDur-A-Flex Inc. launched a breathable epoxy flooring system: Vent-E. This revolutionary new formulation was specifically designed to provide additional protection to concrete floors that surpass the threshold for moisture and salt content of most epoxy coatings.

Epoxy floors are a longstanding choice for any environment requiring durable and seamless floors. As durable as epoxy flooring is, the combination of moisture and salts found in the substrate can be problematic. Epoxy flooring systems are impermeable, meaning they trap the moisture and salt below the surface. If the moisture and salt content is too high, the combination can cause blisters and adhesion failures.

The flooring industry typically combats issues with moisture and salts by using moisture mitigating primers before installing an epoxy floor. If the moisture and salt levels exceed that option, using a cementitious urethane-based flooring system would be the next choice. In some cases, these solutions are excessive for the needs, timeline and/or budget of the project.

Vent-E bridges the gap between protective and seamless coatings and other resinous flooring systems. The permeability of Vent-E permits moisture to move through the slab and coating without causing unsightly blemishes or failures. Vent-E offers many of the same features of other protective epoxy flooring systems: stain and wear resistance, dust prevention and easy maintenance.

The breathable epoxy system is available in nine colors with a semi-gloss finish. Vent-E installs quickly and easily and is cured for foot traffic in as little as four to six hours. Vent-E is an ideal solution for commercial buildings, storage areas, warehouse floors, assembly and production areas, and more.

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