e-HSC Double Suction Centrifugal Pumps

Bell & Gossett’s new pump line for HVAC systems boosts performance and efficiency

The Series e-HSC from Xylem Bell & Gossett is a new line of double suction centrifugal pumps designed specifically for HVAC systems. It features advanced hydraulics for powerful performance and best-in-class efficiency, along with a compact design for easier installation and maintenance.Centrifugal Pumps

“With its robust hydraulic capabilities, the Series e-HSC is ideal for large capacity, high-head systems with high inlet pressure, a common challenge in commercial HVAC systems,” said Alan Jones, Global Product Manager, Bell & Gossett Centrifugal Pumps. “The versatile Series e-HSC is available in up to 90 model options with extensive flow/head coverage to suit of wide variety of HVAC system requirements.”

The Series e-HSC simplifies B&G’s double suction pump portfolio and provides greater system optimization to improve efficiency and increase energy savings. The product line also boasts a smaller footprint, greater reliability, and lower life cycle cost compared to similar pumps. In addition to saving space in the mechanical room, the e-HSC’s inline configuration enables simplified installation and maintenance in new or retrofit systems.

The Series e-HSC is suitable for commercial buildings such as hospitals, shopping centers and malls, hotels and resorts, sports arenas, office buildings, and airports for systems that require chillers, cooling towers, distributive pumping, district heating and cooling, primary and secondary pumping, or process application. Choosing the option that is the best fit for the installation can be done through B&G’s online selection tool, ESP-Systemwize™.

A new volute design—either single or dual volute based on the hydraulic constraints—extends bearing life and reduces shaft deflection within the Preferred Operating Range (POR) of the pump, from 70% to 120% of the Best Efficiency Point (BEP). When running within the POR of the e-HSC, bearing life expectancy will exceed 100,000 hours (L10). The e-HSC is designed with large “Efficiency Islands,” within the POR as well, which help to increase efficiency at partial loads using variable frequency drives.

The e-HSC is equipped with mechanical seals customized for HVAC applications that support a variety of installations regardless of incoming pressure. Due to the standard spacer coupling, routine maintenance of mechanical seals and bearings can be performed on both sides of the double suction centrifugal pumps without opening the upper casing, reducing downtime and cost. Casings are available in cast iron or ductile iron, along with standard option materials for the impeller, shaft, and wear rings.