Eagle Eye Networks Introduces License Plate Recognition Service

Eagle Eye LPR/ANPR license plate recognition is AI-powered, cloud-managed, and does not require the purchase of special cameras.

Eagle Eye Networks, a global provider of cloud video surveillance, launched Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition), which uses artificial intelligence (AI) in a cloud-based system for high accuracy in all kinds of challenging conditions. Eagle Eye LPR operates on readily available security cameras making it affordable and practical for business owners.

Eagle Eye License Plate Recognition LPR is also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR). Powered by Eagle Eye Networks’ AI and analytics, Eagle Eye LPR works with the Eagle Eye Networks Vehicle Surveillance Package (VSP) to enable monitoring of vehicles across multiple locations.

Benefits of Eagle Eye LPR

  • Camera Agnostic: Works securely with nearly any IP or other camera 
  • Affordable: Does not require specialty cameras, onsite hardware or onsite maintenance 
  • High Accuracy: Eagle Eye’s AI provides accuracy, even for non-standard license plates and in challenging lighting and environmental conditions
  • Flexibility: Open API for unlimited integrations with other technology partners 
  • Scalability: Manage and add locations, cameras, and features with the click of a button 
  • Continuous Delivery: AI LPR is continually improved to support newer license plates, and all Eagle Eye development innovations are instantly delivered to customers via the cloud 
  • Broad Geographic LPR/ANPR Support: North America, Mexico, EU, UK, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia

Target Applications for Eagle Eye LPR

  • Smart Parking with LPR-based automation  
  • Corporate Offices – Secure, smooth vehicle entry/exit 
  • Healthcare and Education Campuses – Touchless access control 
  • Critical Infrastructure, Industrial – Multi-site remote monitoring  
  • Restaurants, Retail, Curbside Pickup – Improved customer experience  
  • Hospitality

Eagle Eye LPR offers resellers opportunities to enter new markets, to provide additional services, and to increase revenue. Eagle Eye Networks operates on an open system and supports many manufacturers’ LPR products, including cameras. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS will continue to support camera and other LPR technologies.

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