EarthTronics Mini LED Panel Lights

Provide an upgrade for interior and exterior surface-mount applications

Wet–rated Mini LED Panel Lights from EarthTronics offer upgraded color characteristics, energy savings, and a very long service life with minimal maintenance. These square and round models are suitable for interior and exterior surface-mount applications in new and renovated office buildings, hotels, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and dormitories.

LED Panel Lights“EarthTronics’ Mini Panel LED could be considered the first major change in flush-mount fixtures in the last 20 years,” said Matthew Wagner, Business Development Manager – LED Products. “This important fixture category has been lifted from being simple drum or cloud fluorescent interior fixtures to a contemporary architectural design that includes upgraded color characteristics, mounting options, and wet location rating.”

Mini LED Panel Lights are available in 5.5″, 7″, and 9″ square and round designs. The 5.5″ (MP02700305 square & MP01700305 round), 11 watt panel light produces 700 lumens; the 7″ (MP02900307 square & MP01900307 round), 14 watt panel light produces 900 lumens; and the 9″ (MP021200309 square & MP011200309 round), 19 watt panel light produces 1200 lumens. Each model boasts 64 lm/W and a 3000K CCT (4000K versions also offered) with a 90+ CRI. The panels operate on 120VAC 60 Hz and are compatible with standard incandescent dimmer controls, providing consistent dimming from 5% to 100%.

Interior applications for the Mini LED Panel Lights include surface ceiling, downlight retrofit, and wall sconce for hallways, corridors, and general room illumination. The IP65 wet-rated, Mini Panel LEDs also provide a practical a solution for bathroom showers. Additionally, they can be used in outdoor horizontal or vertical applications in walkway canopies or soffits since these LED fixtures operate in extreme temperatures from -40°F to 105°F.

With a 50,000-hour-rated life, these contemporary mini-panel fixtures install easily on 4″ J-boxes with a “snap fit” locking design. The 5.5″ and 7″ fixtures can also be used as a retrofit for 4″ and 6″ downlight recessed fixtures with easy-to-install clips to provide a fresh look to old recessed lighting. The Mini LED Panel Lights are built with an impact-resistant acrylic lens designed for a wide light distribution pattern in an attractive architectural frame.