Enercept Power and Energy Meters

Schneider Electric Improves Flexibility & Energy Savings with PowerLogic EM4200 Series Extension

Schneider Electric has extended its line of PowerLogic EM4200 series Enercept power and energy meters to include five new meters. These join the previously announced line of Enercept Flex meters, to provide installers with enhanced application flexibility and options for retrofit applications.

power and energy metersThe EM4200 series Enercept meters are suitable for energy management, tenant sub-billing, and demand response applications in existing retail stores and shopping centers, commercial offices, hotels, and other types of buildings, and provide a total retrofit solution for measuring energy via a single device. The small form factor enables retrofit installation into existing panels to save wall space, installation time, and material cost.

“The Enercept series meters solve the challenges that organizations are currently facing in creating more efficient buildings in retrofit environments,” said Mark Nolan, director, offer management and marketing, Schneider Electric. “With the extended line of Enercept series meters, contractors can significantly cut down on installation time, and building managers can quickly commission and utilize data from the meters to improve energy use and costs over a building’s lifecycle.”

The EM4200 series Enercept meters offer flexibility through two major options:

  1. System-calibrated Enercept series meters simplify ordering and come with pre-wired low voltage (LVCT) or Rogowski coil current transducers, as well as pre-wired fuse packs. Ordering a single part number provides a system calibrated 1% overall accuracy metering system for 100A-, 200A-, 400A-, or 5,000A-range applications.
  2. Enercept Flex meters offer the flexibility required for many sites where selecting the type and size of current transducer is desired. The Enercept Flex is compatible with standard 0.333 volt split and solid core low voltage current transducers, or rope-style Rogowski coil current transducers.

When installed, the Enercept series automatically integrates with Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ Power and Energy Management solutions via auto-detect software to provide building managers with data that can improve energy efficiency by up to 20%. The power and energy meters are compatible with other building management system (BMS) software and are equipped with BACnet® and Modbus® protocols. With a unique swizzle feature, the EM4200 series Enercept meters can correct installation errors directly from BMS software, improving maintenance, installation, and downtime costs.

The EM4200 Enercept series also provide uni-directional and bi-directional metering. The bi-directional feature is an essential solution for solar and other renewable applications, and measures import, export, and net energy transfer. In addition, the meters also feature ANSI C12.20 0.2% accuracy and IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S as well as improved application versatility with 90 to 480V AC, which eliminates the need for contractors to keep additional models in stock.

The EM4200 series Enercept power and energy meters are currently available through channel partners and directly through Schneider Electric’s iPortal.