Entryway Security Solution from Athena Security

Athena Security's walk-through metal detection offers faster and more accurate screening for concealed weapons.

Entryway Security Solution from Athena Security full sizeAthena Security offers the Concealed Weapon Detection System, a fast, frictionless entryway security solution, which is a multi-sensor walk-through metal detector allowing the faster flow of pedestrian traffic.

Athena’s walk through metal detector system passes the federal standard for accuracy and is 10x faster than legacy metal detectors. The system uses multiple sensors to both detect a threat, as well as identify and then ignore harmless personal items, so that people can walk-through without removing phones, watches, belts, batteries, and other personal items.

Sensors on the entryway security solution include magnetometer, induction, lidar, thermal, visual camera, and artificial intelligence technologies. The system can be set up outdoors and can be mobile for event-style security.

The walk-through metal detector is designed to scan one person at a time, walking at normal speed, through the pillars and towards the thermal imaging camera. The maximum number of people is about 1 per second, or 3,600 people per hour as the maximum flow rate. The system can be configured to show “Clear,” if nothing is detected and show and say “Not Clear”, if the algorithm detects a possible threat.

RFID integration offers accountability by identifying who is passing through, while maintaining a high traffic flow. Athena’s access control integrations provide the ability to open or lock doors or a turnstile depending on the situation.

Alarms can be auditory or visual, and an alarm notification can be sent remotely to those who need it wherever they are: Security Operation Center, mobile phone app, computer-based browser, Video Management System (VMS), Access Control, or integrated with other business software.

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