EvaClean Infection Control System

This safer cleaning solution couples disinfecting and sanitizing tablets with electrostatic spraying

EvaClean is an infection prevention and outbreak solution from EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives. This touchless electrostatic disinfecting and sanitizing system is built around one standardized process and a safer chemistry with two advanced products—Protexus sprayers and PURTABS—that create one infection control system.infection control system

“EvaClean’s overarching mission is to stop worst case scenarios before they occur. We’d rather be the vaccine than the antibiotic,” said Jeremiah Gray, co-founder of EarthSafe.

PURTABS are effervescent disinfecting and sanitizing tablets without harsh chemicals. PURTABS is a sustainable, solid tablet form of Sodium Triclosene (NaDCC) which dissolves readily in water to become a powerful hypochlorous acid (HOCl) that is versatile enough, depending on concentration, to use as a food surface sanitizer and a hospital grade disinfectant. While it does provide chlorine in the form HOCl for sanitizing and disinfection purposes, it is not a hypochlorite like chlorine bleach. The chemistry and mode of action of NaDCC is significantly different, producing a solution that is stable once diluted, particularly in the presence of organic contaminants. Therefore, PURTABS can eradicate up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses but are far gentler than bleach and alternatives on people, the environment, and surfaces.

Protexus sprayers use 360° electrostatic spraying technology suitable for sanitizing, disinfecting, odor control, pesticides, coatings, etc. The electrostatic process atomizes the cleaning product with high-pressurized air. The droplets pass an electrode inside the nozzle creating a magnetically charged spray that seeks out and wraps around all touch points and grounded room surfaces. Electrostatic charged droplets create a field in the spray plume that is magnetically drawn to any surface within 6′. The electrostatic charge can be disabled or enabled as needed.

These 3.8-pound, 60db electrostatic sprayers disinfect and sanitize around curved and hard-to-reach surfaces, covering up to three times the surface area of a conventional sprayer or mister using the same amount of time and labor. Protexus features a headlight to illuminate work surfaces for precise coverage; nozzles that allow easy adjustment of particle size (40/60/100 microns, flow rate of 3.35/3.62/4.34 ounces per minute); over molded handles for a soft comfort grip; cordless operation with a 16.8V lithium ion battery that carries an approximate charge of four hours (charge time is one hour); and a trigger lock to prevent accidental spraying.

Electrostatic technologies have become transformative to the disinfection industry with 360° surface coverage, faster application, improved efficiency, labor savings, and even reduced chemical usage. However, due to lack of sprayer standards, concerns have arisen. The proliferation of electrostatic spraying equipment to end users, chemical manufacturers, distributors, and other outlets isn’t monitored by set guidelines, thus leaving a wide margin for errors. Without standards, it’s very possible to mistakenly mix multiple chemicals in sprayer units, resulting in potentially hazardous consequences.

EvaClean delivers an affordable, electrostatic infection control system for a safer and healthier world.

In addition to helping prevent outbreaks with a safer hospital grade disinfectant, the company pledges to help define recommended guidelines for electrostatic sprayers. EvaClean also intends to participate in third party HOCl studies and peer-reviewed papers to validate its C-Diff compliant efficacy and environmental safety attributes.

Proprietary sanitization and disinfection processes are key differentiators of the EvaClean system, which have been standardized around a single, safer HOCl-based chemical. The infection control system is a series of checks and balances, which include training, procedures, support, and a labeling system for fool-proof chemical application. Even its white electrostatic sprayer is designed to delineate usage for the EvaClean disinfectant versus sprayers used for other chemicals.


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