Focus On: Textiles & Fabrics

Facility Executive serves as a comprehensive resource for facility professionals who regularly purchase product and services for their facilities. In this web exclusive Textiles & Fabrics product focus, the editors present several offerings on the market. These are in addition to the products you will find featured in each issue of the magazine.


C Zero™ by Crypton®c zero by crypton
C Zero is a non-fluorinated fabric finish that offers protection from water-based spills as well as liquids such as soda, coffee, and wine. The repellent technology is incorporated into the fabric via a factory applied process whereby the entire fabric is immersed, treating every fiber. The chemistry is cross-linked for durability using high temperature, industrial dyeing. C Zero does not change the color or hand of the fabric and is suitable for most fiber types, ranging from solution-dyed fibers to package and piece-dyed polyesters that have an integrated moisture barrier; fabrics with a smoother hand perform better than textured fabrics. C Zero is free of potentially harmful levels of VOCs, PFOS, PFOA, formaldehyde, heavy metals, phenols, phthalates, and skin sensitizers and does not contain halogenated flame retardants (FRs) or PBDEs. It is also recyclable, provides enhanced abrasion resistance, and comes with a minimum of 1,000 hours of UV protection. C Zero contributes to the LEED for Healthcare credit for Furniture and Medical Furnishings and renewable energy and carbon offset credits. C Zero can be cleaned using a mild soap solution.


Cityscape by Burch Fabricscityscape by burch fabrics
Cityscape is fabric reminiscent of a bustling metropolis. It features large scale and bright accent colors contributing to a level of contrast and depth. Made of 59% polyester and 41% post consumer recycled polyester, the fabric is backed and finished with Greenguard Gold Certified Crypton® and meets or exceeds all ACT® standards. Cityscape is available in 10 shades—Terrace (1007579), Skyline (1007580), Marina (1007581), Cosmopolitan (1007582), Brick (1007583), Brownstone (1007584), Courtyard (1007585), Concrete (1007586), Twilight (1007587), and Boardwalk (1007588)—with a width of 54″ and a weight of 18.8 ounces per linear yard. It provides abrasion resistance (ASTM D4157) of 60,000 double rubs, a brush pill (ASTM D3511) of five, and is bleach cleanable with a 90% water and 10% bleach solution.


Performance Shading Program by Lutron Electronicsperformance shading program by lutron
The Performance Shading Program helps facilities select the right shading fabric based on daylight, glare, view, and aesthetics. According to Lutron, the transmittance value of a shade fabric is directly linked to lighting energy savings and the comfort of people in a space. The program includes four components. The Performance Shading Advisor with Fabric Wizard is a free web-based tool that allows users to enter project specific inputs to select fabrics based on calculations for glare reduction, daylight autonomy, and view preservation while maintaining the aesthetic design of the space. Users can search and filter fabrics by priorities and save project information, order fabric samples, and produce specs directly from the tool. The THEIA™ Performance Specification controls fabric performance properties for an openness factor tolerance of +/- .75%, visible light transmittance (Tv) within a tolerance of +/- 1% or +/- 20% x mean Tv value, and fabrics that follow EN14500 and ASTM 903 measurement standards. The Performance Fabric Collection includes commercial solar screen fabrics as well as performance and sustainable fabrics and the Performance Shading Solutions Binder is a consolidated kit that showcases, organizes, and explains the Performance Fabric Collection in four decks.

Valetudo Collection by Pallas® Textilesvaletudo collection by pallas textiles
The Valetudo Collection is part of the “Goes Not Matches” family of textiles and finishes. Comprised of six patterns in various colorways, it translates the typical hard surface patterns of stained glass and hand crafted artisan tiles into the softness of textiles. Trellis is reminiscent of classic treillage patterning with latticework that filters light to unify contrast and texture; Mosaic replicates interwoven assemblages; Petals is a tessellation of circular mosaic tiles that creates a radial pattern of overlapping infill petals; Flame’s chevron design was inspired by flame stitch patterns; Terra is abstract perpendicular with a woven quality; and Sandstone translates nature’s effects on stone into a soft leather-like texture to complement the other patterns. Flame, Mosaic, Petals, and Trellis offer Greenshield®, an environmentally safe nanotechnology that builds permanent spill and stain resistance into the fiber structure of the fabric, while preserving the hand of the fabric. Sandstone and Terra are are bleach cleanable and enhanced with Resilience®. Resilience is stain resistant; antibacterial; antimicrobial; engineered to inhibit fungus, mold, and spores; and provides additional wear properties and surface durability, increasing the life of the material without affecting its hand.