Free Calculator Tools for ISSA Members

ISSA Develops New Business Resources to Aid Business Members

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, has developed two business resources: the Consumable Product Cost & Usage Calculator and the Workloading & Bidding Tool. Both are currently available online and are for the exclusive use of ISSA members.

calculator“ISSA works to stay informed about what challenges members face in their businesses day-to-day,” said Rosie Rangel, ISSA vice president of membership, outreach, and business intelligence. “We use a portion of membership dues to develop tools and programs that aid the professional lives of our members. These latest innovations are geared toward distributor, facility manager, and business service contractor members.”

The ISSA Consumable Product Cost & Usage Calculator is designed to help members effectively anticipate inventory quantities as well as the costs associated with purchasing consumable items such as toilet tissue, hand towels, hand soap, and trash liners. Members can use this tool to analyze how much product is required to properly stock a facility and then factor the anticipated spend into the budget.

“Users can calculate an estimated annual investment when buying or selling consumables,” Rangel described. “This information can then be shared between departments to establish budgets or with other vendors to shape bids.”

With the Workloading & Bidding Tool, ISSA members can build out a location, area, or cleaning project by entering the room type, square footage, and the cleaning activities the user wants to perform; these activities correspond with ISSA’s 612 Cleaning Times, a guide to industry time standards for performing cleaning tasks.calculator

Rangel added, “Access the calculator, input some basic operational costs, and with the push of a button, you will see the time needed to perform the job, a suggested number of people needed to clean the facility, and an overview of costs to do the job. This amazing tool will help members increase efficiency.”

Both tools are free to access with an ISSA membership. Users can log into their myISSA account to access the calculators.