FRIDAY FUNNY: Viral Geekiness

Gaming and MIT. What could be a more natural pairing?

For those of you (especially you engineering types) who may have missed it, a group of creative computer students turned one of MIT’s buildings—the Green Building (which just so happens to house the Earth and Planetary Sciences department)—into a gigantic, playable Tetris game. The hack happened just this week, and photos and videos have been popping up all over the web.

How does it work? Well, it took more than a year, but the final results are pretty spectacular. Take a look for yourself:

Mike Wehner of Tecca news writes:

The MIT version of this classic puzzler includes a very unique difficulty curve, utilizing the LEDs to alter the colors of the blocks after a player completes each level. As the game progresses, the colors become paler and paler, making it harder to identify each block at first glance. More advanced levels feature color changing blocks meant to disorient the player, and when the game eventually ends from too many misplaced pieces, the blocks tumble down the side of the structure creating a very cool visual effect.

So much for the low tech, but creative Post-it note war FacilityBlog covered in 2011. This high tech stunt elevates playful building art to a new level.


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