Genuine Coolant Delivers Engine Protection

KOHLER® customized formulation ensures optimal performance for power generators

KOHLER Genuine Coolant from KOHLER Power provides generator operators with a new formulation designed to deliver advanced engine protection and superior overall performance. It is compatible will all liquid-cooled engines—regardless of fuel type or generator make/model—and is suitable for both new and legacy power systems.

Genuine Coolant“As a leading generator manufacturer, we regularly put our equipment through rigorous testing, so we’re in a unique position to fully understand how high-quality coolants can really make a beneficial difference when it comes to protecting engines from pitting, cavitation, corrosion, and other common issues,” said Anne Feudner, aftermarket parts product manager for KOHLER.

In addition to delivering next-level protection, the proprietary coolant blend was engineered with quality ingredients to also provide minimal maintenance. When added to new generator sets or properly flushed older generator sets, KOHLER Genuine Coolant will give operators up to six years or 12,000 hours of reliable performance when used in mixed fleet stationary generator engines under normal operating conditions, as long as the coolant is kept in good condition and is used according to engine OEM specifications.

The new coolant, which can be ordered at authorized KOHLER dealers nationwide, comes pre-mixed and ready for use. It is formulated with high-purity water, the highest-quality glycols, and a hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT). To meet a wide variety of needs, KOHLER Genuine Coolant is available in sizes of one gallon, 55 gallons, and 264 gallons.

KOHLER Genuine Coolant meets ASTM D6210 for use in both heavy- and light-duty applications and is suitable for generators and all liquid-cooled engine types, including gasoline, diesel, and gaseous. It is compatible with elastomeric materials (hoses, gaskets, seals) and protects against rust, corrosion, and deterioration of metals. The product features boil over protection up to 265°F and freeze protection down to -34°F.