Goodway’s Cooling Tower Cleaning Solution

BioSpray® Tower Helps Manage Legionella Pneumophila Concerns on Hard, Non-porous Surfaces

BioSpray Tower from Goodway Technologies is a cooling tower cleaning solution that disinfects in one simple step. The 100% biodegradable surfactant is EPA-registered and kills 99.9% of Legionella pneumophila when properly applied to hard non-porous surfaces like cooling towers, evaporative condensers, or fluid coolers.cooling tower cleaning

While cooling towers aren’t the only place where Legionella can grow, it is one of the most common. Which is why the ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 was established to introduce minimum risk management requirements for building water systems to mitigate Legionella outbreaks. Performing the proper maintenance and cleaning helps to reduce the nutrients available for Legionella growth.

“Legionella continues to be a large concern for facility managers and building owners,” says Tim Kane, President of Goodway Technologies. “Cooling tower cleaning is a critical part of maintaining a healthy environment and BioSpray Tower is part of our ongoing commitment to creating innovative solutions that make it easier for personnel to get the job done.”

Bacteria is often hiding on scale and sediment, so users should first clean the tower of scale deposits and vacuum accumulated sediment in the sump basin. BioSpray Tower should then be liberally applied to the hard, non-porous surface. Then, to insure optimal results are achieved, a 10 minute dwell time should be allowed. The cooling tower cleaning solution should be used undiluted for maximum effectiveness.

BioSpray Tower is a no-rinse formula and comes in a five gallon container. It is most effective when used as part of an overall regular maintenance program or as part of an emergency cleaning procedure.