Non-Toxic Cleaning With All-In-One Solution

Force of Nature’s commercial-sized EPA-List N, disinfectant, sanitizer, and deodorizer replaces toxic chemicals and reduces plastic waste

Force of Nature, a toxic-free cleaning brand, is launching their new commercial-sized Force of Nature Pro non-toxic cleaning solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes, including hospitals, schools, daycares, food service providers, gyms, and hotels. The brand is making it easier for businesses and organizations to make their facilities and workplaces toxin-free and eco-friendly by helping them eliminate single-use plastic bottles and reduce their plastic waste by 97%.

Non-Toxic CleaningForce of Nature Pro is an appliance that uses electricity to create an all-in-one cleaner, deodorizer, and EPA registered sanitizer and disinfectant. The Pro Electrolyzer uses a proprietary mesh coating containing rare earth metals to catalyze the conversion of tap water, plus a Capsule of just salt, water, and vinegar into a powerful does-it-all cleaner and pathogen-killer. Salt, water, and vinegar are converted to electrolyzed water when an electrical current changes the chemical composition of the solution into two new ingredients: Hypochlorous acid, the anti-microbial that kills germs and odors, and Sodium hydroxide, the detergent that dissolves grease, grime, dirt, soap scum, and residues. It also uses an electronic control system that senses and automatically adapts to accommodate differences in water chemistry and temperature to ensure that every batch meets the EPA’s 99.9% germ-kill requirements.

This all-in-one non-toxic cleaning solution is powerful enough to replace all the cleaning chemicals businesses use most: bleach, all-purpose cleaners, deodorizers, disinfectant sprays and wipes, sanitizers, and glass and bathroom cleaners. It’s proven in 3rd party independent testing to be just as effective as the leading brands on everything from glass, grease, and odors to soap scum, rugs, and oil. Most importantly, Force of Nature Pro kills 99.9% of germs including Staph, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Norovirus, and Influenza A and is on the EPA’s List N, the disinfectants approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.Non-Toxic Cleaning

Force of Nature Pro makes two different batch sizes, 32 ounces and 64 ounces, and includes reusable bottles. It can be made on-demand when needed. Users fill the Electrolyzer with tap water up to the line, squeeze in a capsule, push the start button, and in about eight minutes, it’s ready to pour into the reusable spray bottle.

Force of Nature Pro is Green Seal Certified to protect human health, preserve the climate, ensure clean water, and minimize waste. It contains no harmful chemicals, fumes, or residues that require rinsing, even on food contact surfaces.

“At Force of Nature, we are ending the dangerous tradeoff between efficacy and wellness with a powerful cleaner and EPA registered disinfectant that has none of the harmful chemicals we’ve all grown to expect in cleaning products,” said Force of Nature Founder and CEO Sandy Posa. “Now with Force of Nature Pro, businesses and organizations of all types have access to a planet and people-friendly cleaner and disinfectant that helps protect their employees, customers, and workplaces from germs, especially during the pandemic.”


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