GREENGUARD GOLD Thermal Insulation Panels

SOPREMA’s water and moisture resistant SOPRA-XPS line helps improve air quality

The SOPRA-XPS product line from SOPREMA, Inc.® is a mix of extruded polystyrene thermal insulation panels. Made of cellular foam, it is primarily used as thermal insulation for foundations, walls, and inverted roof systems, including plaza decks, green roofs, and parking decks.thermal insulation panels

Due to the density of their closed-cell composition, SOPRA-XPS panels have exceptional resistance to water and water vapor, and they prevent voids in the insulation. This prevents any uncontrolled movement of air through the assemblies. These thermal insulation panels are also capable of withstanding extreme temperature changes and freeze-thaw cycles without permanent damage. Moreover, even when exposed to moisture, SOPRA-XPS resists mold and bacteria.

SOPRA-XPS panels are compliant with the CAN ULC S701.1 standard thanks to the following four features: good compressive strength, high R-value (R-5/inch), dimensional stability, and very low water absorption. They provide a constant long-term R-value (LTTR) of R-5 per inch, even at low temperatures, maintaining their thermal and mechanical performance throughout the life of the building.

thermal insulation panelsThe line has also earned GREENGUARD Gold certification, which incorporates stringent selection criteria and demanding safety factors for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. GREENGUARD Gold-certified insulation is part of the solution for improving indoor air quality. It ensures that a product is acceptable in high-risk environments, such as schools and healthcare facilities.

The SOPRA-XPS line is produced without HFC-134a gas as a blowing agent. This means the thermal insulation panels will have no effect on the ozone depletion potential and a much lower global warming potential (GWP).

“In fact, the impact on the global warming potential is reduced by more than 95%,” said Tom Stuewe, SOPREMA product manager for liquid products and SOPRANATURE. “Thanks to SOPREMA’s exclusive and innovative process, the SOPRA-XPS line contains up to 70% recycled content, making SOPREMA the leading XPS insulation manufacturer in terms of recycled content.”

SOPREMA has manufactured the following products in the SOPRA-XPS line:

  • SOPRA-XPS 20 is designed to insulate above-grade exterior walls, and residential applications on exterior foundation walls and under foundation slabs.
  • SOPRA-XPS 25 CW is for the insulation of cavity walls, and fits between wall ties because of its sizes and thicknesses. SOPRA-XPS 25 CW is scored squared at every 16″ and 24″ lengthwise to facilitate cutting of the board when it’s being installed between wall ties.
  • SOPRA-XPS 30 is designed for foundation walls systems and under concrete slabs where the applied loads do not exceed 30 psi.
  • SOPRA-XPS 35 is for the insulation of new or refurbished inverted roofs to improve their thermal resistance.
  • SOPRA-XPS 40, 60 & 100 are designed for heavy load applications requiring high-density insulation. These include inverted roofs, such as green roofs and roof terraces, and certain applications under foundation slabs that support dead or live heavy loads.

“Its resistance to water and moisture makes SOPRA-XPS an ideal choice in all applications, even in areas exposed to moisture,” Stuewe added. “Even when exposed to moisture, SOPRA-XPS is mold and bacteria resistant.


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