HD Ultra Camera Range

These IndigoVision cameras have received an upgrade in functionality, performance, and innovation

The HD Ultra is a camera range from IndigoVision that comes in three form factors with a variety of mounting options: the HD Minidome, HD Bullet, and an HD PTZ Pendant. All feature built-in SMART.core™ technology, CyberVigilant® in Camera, and Advanced Analytics.camera range

Using IndigoVision’s SMART.core technology these HD Ultra cameras have optimized H.264 compression and Activity Controlled Framerate (ACF+) as well as lower bandwidth and storage requirements. Ticking over at 1fps when there is no activity, they ramp up to 30fps as soon as activity is detected. Storage savings can be up to 90%. SMART.core Video Analytics such as Motion Detection, Tripwire, and Intrusion provide entrance alerts in a prohibited area. Abandoned and Missing Video Analytics informs of suspicious objects left behind or valuable objects removed. Scene Change reports any Field of View changes. Finally, Tamper alerts of any camera view blockages.

These cameras provide IndigoVision’s cyber-security technology, CyberVigilant in Camera. It detects possible intrusions and blocks unauthorized network traffic with an enhanced firewall built into the HD Ultra cameras. CyberVigilant helps to keep systems safe from anomalies by applying expert knowledge to a user’s existing setup, combining over 23 years of IndigoVision’s expertise in IP CCTV; specific knowledge of a user’s site, including cameras, NVRs, and workstations; and Control Center’s alarm management. Anomalies include unauthorized configuration access attempts; network reconnaissance/scans; device access from unauthorized clients; shell access; use of unauthorized DNS, NTP, and SMTP servers; and Denial Of Service (DoS) attacks. Users receive notifications direct to their Control Center interface in the event that a cyber-attack takes place.

The HD Ultra camera range is also compatible with the latest version of IndigoVision’s Security Management Solution, Control Center v15.4. This software includes new improvements such as automatic notification of NVR License faults, new Dynamic Profile Switching mode, and VPN for Integra®. Control Center gives users sight, sound, and oversight of all cameras inclusive of security breaches through unauthorized access, from one to 10,000.

Available in 2K video resolution, the Ultra camera range comes with Low Light and WDR. The Minidome camera has dual HD/1080p with 60fps on both streams and the Ultra Pendant PTZ camera has dual HD/1080p with 30fps on both streams.