Health Gards Toilet Seat Cleaner System

HOSPECO’s fast-acting formula protects patrons from common cold, strep, E.coli, other bacteria and viruses

The Health Gards™ Toilet Seat Cleaner System from HOSPECO® is an effective way to ensure bathroom hygiene. It consists of a discreet, easy-to-use dispenser (item SC500DIS) and a fragranced toilet seat cleaner (item SC500TSC). One application of this fast-drying, alcohol-based cleaner and patrons can feel instant protection from the germs typical of restroom environments.toilet seat cleaner

To use, a guest simply sprays Health Gards® toilet seat cleaner onto toilet paper, wipes down the toilet seat, and discards the moistened paper as usual in the toilet. No rinsing or further wiping is required. The process assures patrons know the seat has been cleaned to their own standards of cleanliness.

The 7.99″ x 4.21″ x 4.61″ dispenser is white with a gray handle and is easy to install, maintain, and reload. It can be mounted to the wall using tape, anchors, or screws and has a hidden locking mechanism. Each 500 ml pouch contains more than 3,800 sprays—enough for over 1,900 applications. The solution cleans quickly, evaporates instantly, and is safe for use on most style toilet seats.