HidraLink Video Wall Software

This Hiperwall solution delivers thermal imaging support suitable for instantly screening high-traffic areas, as well as displaying interactive tips, distancing guidelines, and virus news.

HidraLink from Hiperwall, Inc.​ is software designed to take any open application, or applications, on a Windows PC and display them on a video wall. This new video wall software solution gives reopening businesses a first line of defense against the spread of coronavirus via widespread, transparent temperature monitoring of staff and customers. Targeting small businesses, it offers peace of mind through less intrusive temperature screening and can be used to publicly display a thermal imaging camera feed on wall-mounted displays.video wall software

While serving as a means of reassuring customers and employees that their health is a top priority, HidraLink is also a platform for small businesses that want to install multi-display signage or quad-display video walls in their lobbies or showrooms. With support for up to four displays in any configuration, HidraLink is a flexible and secure solution for displaying impactful messaging, distancing guidelines, news, advertisements, and more.

“Since inception, Hiperwall has continuously worked to build and manage cost-effective video wall software solutions for businesses of all sizes,” said Tom Scott, CEO of Hiperwall, Inc. “Now, with businesses facing the unprecedented difficulty of navigating operation in the wake of COVID-19, Hiperwall’s HidraLink offers a unique, accessible solution to safely resume operation while keeping both employees and customers informed in real-time.”

video wall softwareHidraLink is a professional video display solution that provides a platform for instant temperature screening of a few or many people at once in high-traffic areas using advanced thermal imaging cameras. While COVID-19 has caused a sudden demand for thermal imaging, Hiperwall has been integrating thermal imaging into its video wall platform for over a decade, with its first major installation featuring this screening capability being the Brussels International Airport. HidraLink’s low barrier to entry puts this same kind of transparent screening technology in reach of all businesses, and it can be scaled to address most business needs.

HidraLink also offers deployment flexibility, allowing up to four displays to be placed separate from one another throughout a room, or installed in a 2×2 video wall layout where one image can be stretched across all four screens. Displays are mounted to a wall and connected to a local PC via HDMI cables. Once connected, HidraLink does the rest, providing users an intuitive interface for sending a thermal camera feed and individual desktop applications to the displays. The operator can continue their workflow on their control PC while applications are sent to displays in the background.

video wall softwareFor quick deployment, Hiperwall has teamed up with Seneca to offer certified, turn-key hardware solutions for a wide range of video wall applications. Additionally, the company has tested and validated support for thermal imaging cameras from FLIR, Fotric, and Seek Thermal.

To use the HidraLink software, users need a Windows PC that has at least two displays—one display will be the control display, and the others will be the video wall. All displays should be set to 100% scaling. Recommended specifications include:

  • PC: Intel i5 CPU, 3 GHz or faster, 8 GB RAM minimum.
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 or better. (One HDMI output needed for each presentation display and one for the control display.)