Hoover HUSHTONE Cordless Vacuum Backpack

The HUSHTONE 6Q Cordless Backpack provides for more effective cleaning in commercial facilities.

The HUSHTONE™ 6Q Cordless Backpack from Hoover® Commercial improves productivity by reducing cleaning time and the risk of falls and liability. Lightweight with an ergonomic harness, the vacuum backpack offers easy maneuverability, delivering the speed and convenience necessary for tackling the cleaning needs of high-traffic locations and large commercial facilities.vacuum backpack

The HUSHTONE 6Q Cordless Backpack is powered by a quick-change M-PWR™ 40V lithium battery that offers up to 45 minutes of run time. For added efficiency, the battery can be switched with one hand, without removing the vacuum backpack. Built-in safety controls add an additional level of protection with software that monitors batteries and chargers for proper voltage and temperatures, overriding operation until optimal conditions are met. A two-speed motor operates in Hush™ Mode for less disruption when wanted or in Boost Mode for higher performance when needed.

The HUSHTONE 6Q Cordless Backpack has a six quart capacity and provides five layers of filtration—an allergen/standard self-sealing bag, an outer cloth bag, an inlet filter, a HEPA media filter, and Hexaguard™ technology. HEPA filtration traps 99.97% of dirt, dust, and pollen down to 0.3 microns. Hexaguard technology with activated carbon absorbs odor to improve air freshness. In addition, a self-sealing bag system helps prevent dust and debris from escaping back into the air for more sanitary bag changes.

CRI Certified Silver with LEED qualifications, the HUSHTONE 6Q Cordless Backpack has an airflow of 94 CFM, a static lift of 66″, and a noise level of 66db. It weighs 19.8 pounds (13 pound body, 2 pound harness, and 4.8 pound battery) and has a hose length of 5′ and a telescoping aluminum S-bend extension wand. The vacuum backpack includes carpet, hard floor, upholstery, and crevice tools as well as a dusting brush. Operating temperature range is 32°F to 104°F and the warranty is for two years.