Humantech Ergopoint Ergonomics Software

Addresses the modern office, empowering individuals to launch, manage, and sustain the ergonomics process on their own

Ergopoint® from Humantech®, Inc. is an online solution for managing ergonomics in non-industrial environments. This new version of the ergonomics software has been updated with an entirely new user experience, including an e-learning module, more videos, a tablet-friendly design, and a global suite of languages. Some topics addressed in the redesign include sit-to-stand workstations, multiple monitors, mobile devices, telecommuting, and light material handling.

ergonomics softwareCreated by Humantech’s board-certified ergonomists and internal software development team, Ergopoint was initially launched in 2011 to enable organizations to effectively manage their office ergonomics process locally, nationally, and internationally, by reducing the number of in-person assessments. Research shows that if people are trained how to set up their workstations properly, only a small percentage of people will experience issues that require further assessment by a professional.

ergonomics softwareErgopoint trains employees in basic ergonomics awareness and educates and empowers individuals to identify issues and improve the ergonomic fit of their own workstations. This ergonomics software allows the facilitator to address hundreds or thousands of workstations in half the time; monitor issues and track improvements from one to multiple locations; and increase workplace productivity and protect employee health.

Ergopoint includes three key components:

    1. ergonomics softwareLearn (online training): In less than 30 minutes, employees can learn how to properly set up their workstations
    2. Do (self-assessment): Data collected from Ergopoint’s employee self-assessment helps to prioritize issues and show trends in equipment needs. Employees provide feedback on their workspace in a short, online survey.
    3. Manage (analysis and reports): Ergopoint administrators can prioritize issues, track and approve action plans, and monitor trends.

“We updated Ergopoint to catch up with the latest research and changing work environments and equipment, and to give it a more contemporary look and feel. Our goal was to make Ergopoint a more relevant, intuitive, and beautiful experience,” says Fiona Nowlin, Ergopoint product manager.