Mobile Dry Erase Collection From IdeaPaint

Pivot, Hive, and ThinkTank Mobile mesh flexible design with high-functionality to bolster collaboration and creativity in the workplace.

IdeaPaint, best known for creating the dry erase paint category, is now bringing flexible design and beauty to the office accessories market with an award-winning mobile dry erase collection.

dry eraseEach of the three high-quality mobile solutions—Hive, Pivot, and ThinkTank—leverages IdeaPaint’s high-performance dry erase coating, and is designed to complement IdeaPaint coated walls throughout the workspace to foster frictionless collaboration.

The line features industry-first solutions: the world’s first dry-erasable wood, combining the warmth and beauty of high-quality maple veneer; and a pivoting, multifunction piece of furniture that can serve as both a standing-height worktable and mobile dry erase board.

Created in partnership with award-winning designer and NEW IIDA President Primo Orpilla of Studio O+A, IdeaPaint’s Hive, Pivot, and ThinkTank Mobile are unique, flexible and fully-mobile solutions that bring beautiful, reconfigurable design to the workplace. All of the solutions feature high-quality materials and attention to design, built with Baltic birch plywood edging, maple veneer, and solid steel.

dry erase“Innovation, collaboration and workplace design are not one size fits all – teams and individuals within companies work in different ways, requiring flexible tools to fit their needs,” said Jeff Avallon, Vice President of Business Development at IdeaPaint. “As the walls of the office have come down, it has put increased emphasis on the office accessories category to provide solutions that are highly versatile and high-functioning, without sacrificing design. Pivot and Hive add new dimensions to this category: as a dual-function piece, Pivot serves two purposes within an office environment. You can also configure multiple Hives and Pivots together as a system to create ad hoc flexible workspaces.”

Unlike typical mobile whiteboards, Pivot and Hive are manufactured with design and quality as a focus, allowing them to become a part of the office environment rather than getting rolled away and hidden when not in use. Both also feature the industry-first, dry-erase wood.

Through becoming a part of the overall office design, these tools are always accessible, allowing for collaboration at any time, in any space. Features of each product include:

  • Hive: 44.5″ W x 76″ H x 19.75” D vertical dry erase board available in magnetic white ($1,750) or dry-erasable maple veneer ($1,600)
  • Pivot: 50” W x 73.5” H x 32” D vertical dry erase board with the ability to pivot into a 42″ standing-height table, available in magnetic white ($2,400) or dry-erasable maple veneer ($2,250)
  • Think Tank Mobile: Looking for a statement piece for your office campus? This towable trailer combines comfortable seating for 6-8 people, IdeaPaint dry erase coating on interior walls and ceiling, two custom-built wood tables and independent LED lighting. Pricing for this unique, customizable solution varies.

dry erase“Designing for collaboration is the most effective way to encourage creativity and innovation, and that thought was at the forefront of our minds as we worked to develop Hive, Pivot and ThinkTank Mobile,” said Primo Orpilla, Founder of Orpilla, Inc. and Principal and Co-Founder at Studio O+A. “Our goal when creating these products was to help teams be more productive, successful and engaged at work, and the feedback we’ve received thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.”

IdeaPaint previewed its mobile furniture line at NeoCon in 2016, winning Best of Neocon Silver for Office Accessories, followed by the GOOD DESIGN® award (The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design). The full line is currently available through IdeaPaint for pre-order and specification. The collection will also be available through select dealer/distributors nationally.