Hurricane Season Is Approaching: Are Your Shutters Ready?

As hurricane season draws near, door experts at B&B Door Company are encouraging facilities to perform preventative maintenance on their hurricane and storm shutters.

Hurricane season occurs every year from June 1, 2019, to November 30, 2019, and the likelihood of a hurricane or tropical storm developing increases even more during the months of August and September. Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to property which is why it’s essential to take the necessary precautions before a storm hits. In Florida and other hurricane-prone locations, many businesses use hurricane shutters to protect their property from hurricanes and tropical storms.

hurricane shutters
(Photo: B&B Door Company)

Commercial operations throughout Florida — including retail, medical, office, hospitality, and automotive businesses — use a variety of hurricane shutters to protect windows, doors, storefronts, entrances, and other areas that are susceptible to damage during a storm. Schools, restaurants, stadiums, and other facilities also use hurricane shutters to keep debris from flying through their windows, glass doors, or storefront windows.

Accordion and rolling shutters are the two most common types of commercial hurricane shutters. Their strength and durability provides excellent protection for many years as long as they are regularly maintained. A regular shutter maintenance service is vital for any business to protect employees and assets, avoid downtime, and large loss scenarios.

Rolling and accordion shutters can provide peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a sturdy layer of hurricane and storm protection, but only if they’re fully functional. With that in mind, South Florida-based B&B Door Company is urging business owners and managers to have certified door experts inspect and perform preventative maintenance on all hurricane shutters to ensure they are fully functional before a storm hits.

“We’ve found that throughout the years, sometimes a client will wait till the last minute,” said Celso Balan, CEO of B&B Door Company. “For example there’s a hurricane coming, and they have not operated those shutters for a long time, and will find out when they’re trying to close the shutters before a storm, that the shutters don’t even move or don’t work. That’s why it’s important to have them serviced before that time comes so that when the storm is coming, they’ll be able to close their shutters.”

No matter what your hurricane shutters are designed to protect, don’t wait until an emergency forecast to inspect your shutters. It’s wise to contact an experienced technician to have them serviced before it’s too late. Keep in mind that most firms are more available now, and based on the basics of supply and demand having maintenance done early will likely save you time and money.


  1. I am looking for a way to protect my family from storms. I like how you mention with roll down shutters keep debris flying through your windows. Thank you for the information. I’ll contact a professional so I can get a hurricane shutter installed in my home.

  2. It’s good to know that accordion and rolling are the two most common types of hurricane shutters. My wife and I would like to move to the coast, and we want to make sure that our home is protected from hurricanes and tropical storms. We’ll be sure to look further into our options for getting some storm shutters installed on our house in the future.

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