InfoLink App From SKYSITE

SKYSITE, a developer of information management software, mobile applications, and data management solutions, has announced the release of InfoLink, a new cloud application designed to store, manage, access and distribute documents and information critical to the effective facility operations and that of and other real estate assets.

InfoLink is now offered side-by-side with ProjectLink, the original SKYSITE application for active construction projects. Each solution can be used independently by separate teams, or they can be used in tandem to address information needs throughout the “plan-build-operate” lifecycle.

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InfoLink app from SKYSITE

ProjectLink was originally introduced in 2015 to manage and distribute the continually changing documents and information used in active construction projects. Through its use, construction professionals dramatically improve communication and collaboration using cloud and secure mobile access.

InfoLink, like ProjectLink, provides access to construction documents, but it is designed to include operational and logistical information, asset location information, and archived documentation necessary for efficient day-to-day facilities management. It also meets requirements for document retention policies and information governance procedures.

The new application makes it simple and easy for facility owners to accept a “closeout” set of documents at the end of a project that reflects the building as it was constructed (usually referred to as “as-builts”), complete with operating and maintenance manuals for its equipment, locations of key infrastructure, and emergency and life safety documents. Building supervisors no longer need to hunt for information in traditional, paper-based facility plan-rooms. Instead, they can access the information they need on a mobile device when and where they need it.

In addition, InfoLink includes features to manage document retention and document purging, automate information governance policies, and otherwise mitigate risks associated with outdated or irrelevant documentation.

Features and Functions of InfoLink
InfoLink provides owners and facility managers with the ability to store, sync, share and retrieve their documents and information from the cloud.

InfoLink drives process improvement and a superior user experience with:

Powerful advanced search: fast document search due to InfoLink’s ability to find information through customized search filters, including projects, folders and files, including Microsoft Outlook’s .msg files with attachments and even document metadata, generating precise results within seconds.

Two-way sync between mobile device/desktop and cloud: touch-based access to information. Robust document synchronization enables real-time sync of specific documents or an entire folder. InfoLink Sync has a unique ability to sync operations, maintenance, health and safety, and as-built documents with mark-ups, revision updates and annotation, keeping everyone on the team current and always using the right information to make decisions.

  • Compliance, retention and information governance: InfoLink eases the burdens of regulatory compliance by classifying documents required for compliance, making them available on demand and mitigating risk by extending a department’s ability to classify documents by type, as well as set a date to repose or purge. This enables an organization to implement a written retention policy with a solution that automates information governance digitally while mitigating risk.
  • Data ownership and loss prevention: unlike alternative solutions, InfoLink is account-based, so the organization’s content remains with the company, not an individual, resulting in the content ownership remaining with the company even after an employee’s departure. InfoLink provides best-in-class cloud data infrastructure and security, with higher data availability, redundancy, security, and scalability when compared to generic information distribution tools.

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