InnerSpace Location Data Supports Public Safety

Indoor location platform delivers emergency response and public safety solutions on Wi-Fi networks

InnerSpace, an accurate Wi-Fi-based indoor location intelligence platform, announced its product capabilities to support all levels of government to analyze the patterns and movement in public spaces using existing Wi-Fi networks. The platform is suited to understand the movement of people inside public spaces and can support emergency response strategies, social distancing programs, and help Smart Cities implement effective security and public safety measures using location data.

location data“In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have accelerated the delivery of our public safety solution inFORCE,” said James Wu, CEO, InnerSpace. “Our platform processes RSSI data in real-time and returns the industry’s most accurate location data available today. By using public Wi-Fi access points, municipalities have a way to quickly roll out new solutions at city-wide scale.”

Regarding social distancing, inFORCE can identify buildings where social distancing policies need to be enforced and supported, inform people of traffic density in key public spaces, and provide security and operations teams with key people metrics to improve facilities maintenance and cleaning.

To help with emergency response, inFORCE can deploy first responders directly to those in need, no matter where they’re located indoors; improve speed-to-response and rescue outcomes; and locate people inside buildings, including which floor and zone.

location dataFor patient tracking inFORCE’s location data identifies travel pathways of infected patients to provide targeted communication to public health organizations, maintains personal privacy with anonymized data, and narrows down exact times and locations to avoid widespread panic and minimize mass quarantines.

InnerSpace inFORCE, was selected in a competitive process by the Department of Homeland Security, for its ability to use Wi-Fi to locate citizens and track emergency responders in an active shooter scenario. The same platform can be used in a wide variety of emergency situations such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the company’s tracking capabilities, it’s analytics dashboard gives public safety offices a view into how people leverage public spaces.

“In times of emergency, it is reasonable to prioritize safety and public health to minimize the loss of human life,” said Cerys Goodall, President & COO, InnerSpace. “By providing municipalities with a system that can deliver line-of-sight into how people move in public spaces, we can inform response strategies, improve rescue efforts, and create an infrastructure to support better outcomes.”

InnerSpace inFORCE ingests RSSI data and returns accurate anonymous indoor locations. The information can be connected directly into emergency response communications systems, building management and security systems, or analyzed by InnerSpace to identify critical patterns and trends in people’s movements.