Inpixon And FSI Team Up To Combat COVID-19

Businesses can visualize areas of their facility that have poor air quality or contaminated assets, dispatch workers, and quickly indicate air filters to replace or areas to sanitize.

Indoor spaces can be a transmission vector for viruses, underlining the importance for tools to help organizations safeguard their employees and visitors. With this in mind, Inpixon and FSI are teaming to pursue joint opportunities for their solutions, with an initial emphasis on enterprise implementations that address COVID-19-related challenges.

Inpixon is an indoor data company that delivers Indoor Intelligence™ solutions. UK-based FSI provides facility management solutions and workplace technology, specifically, computer-aided facility management (CAFM) and integrated workplace management systems (IWMS).facility managers maintenance

Facility management software provides organizations a holistic view of their facility and maintenance activities, enabling them to effectively plan preventative maintenance, assign and track work orders, optimize energy efficiency, and more. The system incorporates data from a variety of sensors and IoT devices, many of which have both a spatial component (e.g., location within the facility) and building information modeling (BIM) data (e.g., part number and manufacturer). Plotting sensors, equipment, devices and BIM data directly onto Inpixon indoor maps delivers an intuitive graphic presentation of the facility’s information for easier visualization and faster decision making.

With FSI and Inpixon, along with the appropriate environmental sensors and integrations, facility managers can achieve, among other benefits, the following:

  • Identify building zones that have sensors reporting poor air quality;
  • Pinpoint and navigate to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units that have sensors reporting a need for filter cleaning or replacement;
  • Dispatch cleaning teams and navigate to areas or assets identified as needing sanitation efforts;
  • Assign work orders to reconfigure cubicles to allow for more social distancing;
  • Automatically reconfigure airflow with a tap on the map.

“An increase in requests for indoor mapping technologies from our clients encouraged us to seek out a top indoor mapping and indoor intelligence provider, leading us to Inpixon,” commented Jon Benjamin, FSI Regional Vice President. “Facility managers are also increasingly looking for their facility management software to help improve workplace safety and to address re-opening guidelines and best practices in regards to the pandemic. FSI’s Concept Evolution suite with Inpixon Mapping can enable facility managers to quickly visualize and address workplace safety issues, both on a proactive and reactive basis as the situation warrants, to facilitate the safe reopening and ongoing operation of our customers’ businesses.”

“We are pleased to work with FSI, as our technologies complement each other well,” stated Soumya Das, COO of Inpixon. “FSI’s substantial reach to potential customers and their international footprint allow us to address new markets and additional customer segments. FSI’s award-winning solutions combined with Inpixon’s visionary Indoor Intelligence platform and Workplace Readiness™ solutions provide customers a comprehensive offering that can address a wide range of critical business needs. We look forward to working with FSI on executing opportunities already identified as well as on aggressively pursuing new opportunities together in the $39.5 billion¹ global facility management market.”

¹ Source: MarketsandMarkets

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