Protective Disinfectant Coating Kills Pathogens

APEX Surface Care partners with Allied BioScience to apply SurfaceWise®2, an EPA-approved, continuously active antiviral that reduces the spread of COVID-19.

Update: On July 8, 2021, U.S. EPA ordered Allied BioScience to stop selling and distributing SurfaceWise2. Read the full release on the EPA website.

SurfaceWise®2 from Allied BioScience is a long-lasting protective disinfectant coating approved by the EPA to kill and prevent pathogens from living on surfaces. APEX Surface Care is one of only a couple dozen companies nationwide currently in queue to be trained and capable of applying this disinfectant.disinfectant coating

This Always-On™ surface protection continuously kills 99.9% of viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, within two hours. While the company is working with the EPA to extend durability claims, independent studies have shown durability of the product for up to 90 days.

“SurfaceWise2 is a critical tool that transforms how any building that serves the public can employ lasting protection from COVID-19. There simply isn’t another solution like it that can make the same claims,” said Thomas Holland, CEO of APEX Surface Care. “We’ve been tracking surface coating technology closely through the pandemic and have been hesitant to recommend these solutions, as most companies are making false claims about the efficacy of their products. We are proud to partner with Allied BioScience as they have the actual science and EPA approval to back up their claims. Our pledge is to continue to provide these services correctly and safely, and at a fair, reasonable price.”

When used as directed and applied properly, SurfaceWise2 provides an invisible barrier to kill viruses on interior work surfaces. Once applied, it’s non-toxic, non-irritating, odorless, and contains no chemicals that produce harmful vapors or gases. An electrostatic sprayer ensures 100% coverage and bonds to virtually any surface—one gallon covers 4000 ft2. SurfaceWise2 dries quickly, is odorless and non-tacky, instantly invisible, won’t wipe off with repeated cleaning (even with harsh or abrasive chemicals), and won’t disrupt aesthetics or daily operations.

APEX Surface Care has teams of trained professionals that have over a decade of experience with the electrostatic spraying technology used to apply the Surfacewise2 disinfectant coating, which will enable them to deploy SurfaceWise2 quickly and effectively. The company operates throughout North America with major locations in Texas, Colorado, and California.