Integrated LEDs By ILEX

ILEX is lighting the way with a selection of integrated LEDs, revamping some of their most popular fixtures with these cutting edge capabilities. The brand’s integrated LEDs keep design at the forefront, with the sleek and modern aesthetic for which ILEX is known, while having the added benefits this category provides, such as ADA compliance, fixture longevity, and attractive light temperature.

“Integrated LED lights are unrivaled in their convenience for the user,” said ILEX President Alan Indursky. “Their cost-saving perks, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance make them a valuable addition to the market, and we’re proud to offer a broad selection that merges these helpful amenities with beautiful and thoughtful design.”

Integrated LEDs By ILEX
A neo-classical linear LED sconce, Bliss’ metal accents complement its simple geometric glass. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Integrated LEDs continue to make their presence known on the market due to a number of factors. They are virtually maintenance free, with a light designed to last as long as the fixture encompassing it. ILEX’s integrated LED lights feature an attractive 3000K color temperature. The ILEX lights available with integrated LED include sconces and flush mounts, so designers can select whatever model best suits their projects, and have flexible mounting options (vertical or horizontal) for additional adaptability.

Select lights are also ADA compliant and/or dimmable.

ILEX’s integrated LED lights are:

  • Alto: Alto’s glass appears to float, thanks to a spring-loaded decorative technology that holds the glass in place. Available in 18”, 24”, and 26” sizes, this LED evenly diffuses light from top to bottom to eliminate shadows. Dimmable, ADA compliant.
  • Astor: One of ILEX’s top sellers, the Astor series features single sconce, double sconce, and flush mount lights with integrated LED capabilities. The unique slotted glass holder adds an elegant touch. The Single and Double sconces are ADA compliant.
  • Bliss: A neo-classical linear LED sconce, Bliss’ metal accents complement its simple geometric glass. The LED technology brings warmth and light, and it can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Dimmable, ADA compliant.
  • Kaset: This light’s simple metal detailing surrounds a shiny opal glass, and is available in two sizes (18” and 24”). ADA compliant.