Jetty:Mod Modular Sofa Seating

The Allsteel collection is flexible and adaptable for the evolving workplace, optimizing posture and comfort

Jetty:Mod from Allsteel Inc. is a modular collection of sofa seating, arms, legs, cushions, tables, screens, and accessories that supports individual and group activities in workspaces and private offices, cafes, atriums, and the ancillary spaces in between. With work happening everywhere, and business needs more varied, this modular sofa seating optimizes user posture and comfort for work away from the desk, whether the goal is a change of scenery, collaboration with team members, or focused individual work and privacy.Modular Sofa Seating

The key to comfortable seating is the correct correlation between seat dimensions and activity. Jetty:Mod was designed to accommodate both work and lounge modes. The work option, with a higher and shallower seat, positions the user for active work mode. The lounge option, with a lower but deeper seat, offers a more relaxed posture. It is Work Geometry™—seating designed for the way you work, relax, and interact. In addition, tailored versions for work or lounge applications enable several work modes and solve for activity-specific needs. Features like tables and screens, arm and bolster options, coat hanger, and easy-access power allow users to accessorize Jetty:Mod for specific space requirements.Modular Sofa Seating

  • A welcoming lounge area features space-dividing elements like fabric bolsters and pivoting tablet arms.
  • Support multiple activities with a booth banquet, including heads-down work, exchanging ideas, or dining.
  • A serpentine setup allows seating on both sides, providing social interaction or separation for user privacy.
  • A small private office too tight for guest chairs can accommodate a Jetty:Mod booth.
  • Focus pods enclose users with a level of privacy and the convenience of tables during concentrated work.Modular Sofa Seating
  • Overflow bench seating for unexpected guests efficiently utilizes the perimeter of the conference room.

Jetty:Mod’s curvilinear and linear forms are available in a variety of upholstery, laminate, and metal finishes for residentially inspired layering or coordinating across environments. The kit-of-parts can even be exchanged or added to over time, allowing designers to scale solutions to different work settings and activate, utilize, and adapt all spaces. This modular sofa seating is also suitable for influencing circulation patterns or distancing individuals, while anticipating the possibility of any future need for alterations.

With workspaces, social interactions, and expectations for the workplace in flux, modular furniture that can change with evolving needs and norms is extremely relevant. The Jetty:Mod offering provides elements for separating and distancing along with components for sharing and huddling.

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