JLG Highlights Low-Level Access Equipment

For light maintenance and facility work, low-level access equipment provides a safe, efficient alternative to ladders.

JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company and manufacturer of aerial platform equipment and telescopic material handlers has expanded its focus on its low-level access offerings for facilities in North America. JLG’s low-level access solutions offer a safe and efficient alternative to ladders and scaffolding during facility management work in buildings.

Low-level access equipment models from the company include the eco-friendly, non-powered EcoLift series (introduced in early 2016); the 830P push-around mast lift; and LiftPod® personal portable lifts.

“We see great opportunity in the low-level access market, and are committed to offering customers a wide selection of products to solve their unique challenges,” said Paul Kreutzwiser, JLG Industries global director, scissor/verticals/low-level access category. “Acquiring Power Towers Ltd. helped strengthen our existing offering. The EcoLift series is a true game changer in the rental industry because of its robust and rental-tough design.”

The JLG EcoLift 50 and EcoLift 70 are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. This is due to a patented stored power lift/lower system that requires no batteries, hydraulics, oils, or controls. Operators raise and lower the platform by turning a handle. The EcoLift models provide working heights of 10′ 11″ and 13′ 2″, respectively. The lifts’ lightweight design makes them easy to push around a job site. Both models are rated for 330 pound capacity, leaving room for materials and tools to boost productivity. With hydraulics or motors, the eco-friendly lifts are virtually silent, which can make them a preferred piece of equipment for finish work on construction sites or for maintenance access equipment in schools, hospitals, and other institutions.

aerial platform
JLG 830P Push Around Mast Lift

The 830P push-around mast lift uses hydraulics to lift operators to a working height of 14′ and offers workers a 29″x39″ platform featuring 440 pounds of capacity. A lightweight design makes it easy for operators to push the lift into position, making it a suitable option for finish work and sensitive floor applications.

The LiftPod personal portable lifts offer plant and facility maintenance workers a secure platform and the ability to work 360° with both hands at heights of up to 20′. The LiftPod consists of a few key components for simple assembly and disassembly, increasing portability between work sites. And a tool tray increases job site productivity, with a total platform capacity of 330 pounds.