Kärcher HD Super Class Pressure Washer

Model HD 3.5/30-4S Ea is an upright, electric powered, cold water pressure washer for use indoors and outdoors

pressure washerHD Super Class (model HD 3.5/30-4S Ea, part number 12869080) from Kärcher is an electric powered cold water pressure washer. This upright model is suitable where vast amounts of dirt accumulate every day such as in the construction, agricultural, and forestry sectors as well as industrial and municipal facilities.

The three-phase HD 3.5/30-4S Ea cold water pressure washer takes up less space than a conventional machine and is easier to maneuver, especially up and down stairs. Its large diameter, tubed pneumatic tires ensure maximum mobility even over difficult terrain. The push handle adjusts to the most comfortable height for the user.

pressure washerAccessories for this HD Super Class model can be stored in a separate nozzle compartment. The easy-press trigger gun is comfortable, requiring less effort to hold and operate, and features a servopress controller for adjustment of pressure and water flow rate. The kink-free, 33′ high-pressure hose is easy to wind and the stainless steel spray lance can be pivoted 360° while operating at full pressure. A rear cable/hose rack provides added convenience.

pressure washerThe HD 3.5/30-4S Ea pressure washer features a pressure switch control that turns off the pump as soon as the trigger is released, four-pole water cooled motor, and an electronic monitoring system for the motor and pump to protect against voltage fluctuations and excessive temperatures. The built-in detergent tank has a capacity of 1.5 gallons. The chemical resistant brass cylinder head and ceramic pistons are combined with an efficient air-water cooling system to guarantee a long service life.

The HD Super Class HD 3.5/30-4S Ea has a water volume of 1.8 gpm to 3.5 gpm; an operating pressure of 435 psi to 3,000 psi; a connected load of 6.7 kW; and a maximum operating temperature of 140°F. It measures 22.04″ L x 19.65″ W x 42.91″ H and weighs 136.68 pounds.