Landscape Forms Creates Healthy Outdoor Spaces

Collection includes visual cues on site furnishings to denote appropriate distancing, modular panels and barriers to direct flow of traffic, and structural elements that define safe spaces

Healthy Outdoor Spaces from Landscape Forms, a manufacturer of high design site furniture, structure, accessories, and LED lighting, is a collection of new products, modified products, and space planning solutions to help landscape architects create environments that support people’s health and well-being.

healthy outdoor spaces

As employees return to offices, students to campuses, and the public to social venues, the need for safe and confidence-inspiring natural spaces that facilitate responsible collaboration, connection, and social interaction is more important than ever. Healthy Outdoor Spaces is created with this context in mind. In creating this new portfolio of products, Landscape Forms concentrated on designing solutions that enable people to maintain that safe physical distance without sacrificing their social or emotional well-being.

“It’s an unprecedented challenge,” says Landscape Forms Chief Creative Officer, Kirt Martin. “How do you keep people safely distanced, yet still very much connected to each other and to their natural environment? In creating Healthy Outdoor Spaces, we concentrated on designing products and solutions that enable people to maintain that safe physical distance without sacrificing their social or emotional well-being.”

Hallmarks of the new collection include clear visual cues on site furnishings to denote appropriate distancing, modular panels and barriers to direct flow of public traffic, and structural elements that define safe spaces for small groups.

Healthy Outdoor Spaces embodies Landscape Forms’ continued efforts to help businesses, institutions, and communities adapt not only to the challenges they face in immediate response to the COVID-19 health crisis, but also to new expectations for public safety that will endure and persist over time.

“Our company was founded on the belief that being outdoors is part of a healthy lifestyle and promotes overall personal well-being,” says Landscape Forms Chief Executive Officer, Marjorie Simmons. “So extending our existing structure of innovation to introduce Healthy Outdoor Spaces was a very natural step in giving our customers the tools and inspiration to move forward with confidence and creativity, today and tomorrow.”

“Today, more than ever, there’s a need for people to work, study, meet, and eat outdoors,” says Martin. “But it’s important to create spaces in which people feel comfortable, where they feel in control of their environment. For me, Upfit is the ultimate embodiment of this balance.”

Upfit is an adaptive structure system that provides the tools to create tailored destinations that capitalize on a site’s underutilized outdoor space. Upfit defines and delineates space, bringing the familiarity and functionality of indoors out. Adaptive, modular, and scalable, it transforms previously unused outdoor areas into work spaces, classrooms, dining areas, and meeting hubs—fully powered, lit, and with the amenities people need to be comfortable and productive.

healthy outdoor spaces
Upfit OS

A system of dividers, screens, seating, work, and dining surfaces, Upfit Open Spaces (Upfit OS) offers users their own defined sense of personal space without completely isolating them from others and from the outdoor environment. Highly modular, available in a variety of heights, use cases, and configurations with or without power, Upfit OS is a versatile way to safely direct traffic throughout outdoor spaces and offer users new productive natural environments while reinforcing a comforting sense of order and enclosure.

Carousel tables have been reinterpreted for the new era of social distancing. The new Carousel+ line of tables and benches emphasizes physical and emotional well-being while still enabling architects and designers to create a suite of complementary settings. The original Carousel table with attached seating has been updated with lengthened legs to clearly and easily promote safe spacing. All Carousel+ tables and benches incorporate a center cut-out to avoid material waste and reinforce physical distancing.

healthy outdoor spaces
Wedge Table

Based on the architecture of the Carousel line, Wedge Table is a modular desk system that prescribes individual user spaces while maintaining safe distancing. The units are designed to maintain appropriate physical distance across a variety of seamless configurations—side-by-side for individual work, relaxation, or dining; face-to-face for pair meetings, discussions, or interviews; and radially for larger group conversation or team meetings.

healthy outdoor spaces
Artful House

Artful House is a solution for facilitating intimate gatherings, meetings, or small group discussions in a way that respectfully yet unmistakably communicates the desire for distance. Wood interior surfaces are warm and welcoming while the powder-coated aluminum frame offers a sense of delineated personal space that implicitly discourages unwanted encroachment, without completely isolating users from the outdoor environment. It is available in two sizes, for groups of up to two or four.


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