LED Linear Module Retrofit Kit Upgrade

Espen Technology improves performance of VersaLinear™ with more lumens for certain modules

Espen Technology announced a major performance improvement for its LED Linear Module Retrofit Kit family, known as VersaLinear. The linear module kits come in 2′, 3′, and 4′ lengths, suitable to replace both T5 and T8 lamps. There are several one, two, three, and four module / driver combinations. Additionally, the 4′ versions also come in HO (high output) and VHO (very high output) models. Each kit includes LED modules paired with a field-adjustable output LED driver. The recent performance upgrades now give the 4′, four module kits, with no lens, up to 9,250 lumens for the kit, while other configurations attain system efficacies as high as 145 lm/W.

LED Linear Module RetrofitEach LED Linear Module Retrofit Kit is available either with a frosted diffuser lens or without the diffuser. All of the kits are designed to achieve high lumen output from end-to-end, without any dark spots. VersaLinear features a durable aluminum frame containing magnets for easy installation, and eliminates the need for lamp sockets. The LED drivers are field-adjustable, and three different constant current settings—360mA, 300mA, or 250mA—can be selected to create a field-adjustable light output level. For additional control, the driver can be connected to a 0-10V dimmer.

The VersaLinear kits are universal voltage (120-277VAC) with an 84 CRI, 50,000 hour life, and a five year system warranty.


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