Brighten Facilities With These 5 Lighting Fixtures

From stadium lights to LED retrofit kits, these lighting fixtures will help you keep your facility well-lit.

Compiled by Facility Executive Staff
From the February 2024 Issue


From stadium lights to LED retrofit kits, these lighting fixtures will help you keep your facility well-lit and running efficiently.

Lighting FixturesSkynest
By Flos

Flos Skynest lighting fixtures are designed to deliver a floating optical illusion. LED strips pass through recycled (and recyclable) woven polyester fabric tubes mimicking a basket-like pattern. When turned on, the light source shines through the weaves, illuminating downward with an organic glow.

The Skynest Motion is distinguished by its levitating appearance, suspended in the air with the help of a thin stem. This stem, which holds the lamp in a mid-air balance, is attached to the ceiling and stretched towards the floor by a counterweight, designed to blend into interior settings. The Skynest Ceiling is the cordless, ceiling-mounted version of Skynest, ideal for rooms with low ceilings. When sitting flush against a ceiling, Skynest emits a uniform, warm light that is delicate while also functional. Skynest Motion and Skynest Ceiling are designed for sustainability and available in four colors: Anthracite, Almond, Brick Red, and Blue Tourmaline.

Lighting FixturesLED Stadium Light Fixtures
By Olympia Lighting

Olympia Lighting’s LED Stadium Light Fixtures are designed for providing bright and efficient lighting for stadiums in new installations and retrofit projects. With a range of 300W to 800W and color-correlated temperatures (CCT) from 2,200K to 5,500K, Olympia’s LED Stadium Light Fixtures offer high efficacy of up to 167 lm/W. They also come equipped with built-in 20KV/10KA surge protection for safety and longevity. The fixtures operate in a voltage range from 208VAC to 480VAC and have 0 to 10V dimmable integral controls, providing operators with greater control over their lighting system. They are also IP67-rated for damp and wet locations and offer several beam angles, including sharp flood 15° (SF), narrow flood 40° (NF), and medium flood 60° (MF). Olympia Lighting’s LED Stadium Light Fixtures are lightweight and easy to install, making them functional for both new installations and retrofit projects. They also include up to a 100,000-hour, 10-year warranty.

VersaLinear Channel Retrofit Kits, Espen TechnologyVersaLinear Channel Retrofit Kits
By Espen Technology

Espen Technology’s VersaLinear Channel Retrofit Kits achieve up to 164 lumens per Watt (LPW).

The kits are a significantly higher efficiency than previous models and can emit up to 9,375 lumens per kit. They are available in 1, 2, 3, & 4 modules per driver / kit. These kits are functional replacements for linear fluorescent tube lamps in troffers, wraparounds, and strip lights. Each aluminum bar provides thermal management to deliver the rated LED lifetime. The kits eliminate the need for fluorescent lamp sockets, and the aluminum bars come with magnets on the back for fast and easy installation. The kits operate on universal 120-277V input voltage and are 0-10V dimmable. They are UL1598C Classified retrofit kits and are UL Class 2 low voltage systems. Its 3-Step MacAdam tolerance ensures high color consistency. They can be NSF compliant when used with the polycarbonate lens. The kit’s rated lifetime is 50,000 hours (about 5 and a half years).

By Amerlux

Amerlux’s 1” FINCH designer collection of cylinders and downlights offers easy light engine replacement and up to 1500 lumens in several configurations. It functions as a fixed downlight, wall mount, exterior ground mount or adjustable with a patent-pending adjustable mechanism featuring a 50-degree aiming angle.

The FINCH collection features a discrete 1” aperture that provides subtle yet powerful illumination with solite lens and hexcell louver accessories. Wet-rated and fully sealed, FINCH exterior cylinders employ stormproof and weather resistant technology to remain dry and illuminated season after season. They also feature a field-replaceable LED engine and varying optics to ensure maintenance, adaptability and sustainability. FINCH cylinders come in a two-tone design and finish in lengths of 3”, 6”, 9”, 12”, and 18” with both trimless and millwork flush options available with reduced or no-canopy designs to offer a sleek, seamless aesthetic for a modern look.

Pacifica Wall Mount Luminaire By U.S Architectural LightingPacifica Wall Mount Luminaire
By U.S Architectural Lighting

U.S. Architectural Lighting expanded its Pacifica line with a sculptured wall mount luminaire designed to complement the design consistency of the architectural outdoor space. It features a lens-free design with precise fixture brightness control for photometric performance. The Dark Sky-compliant wall mount fixture with a U0 BUG rating for specific configurations delivers up to 7000 lumens for safety and security. Available in five standard and two premium finishes, as well as RAL colors, the wall mount has cast aluminum construction for durability and comes with a wiring compartment that enables accessibility for installation and maintenance.

It operates reliably in temperatures down to -40°F (-40°C), has a Super TGIC polyester powder coating that incorporates a four-stage pretreatment process for maximum adhesion and color retention, and a topcoat baked at 400°F for maximum hardness and exterior durability. It operates on 120-277V, 50/60Hz or 347V-480V, 50/60Hz and comes with a limited five-year warranty with a rated performance life of 60,000 hours (about 7 years).


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