Liebherr LR1300 Crawler Crane

A 300-ton crane with various configuration and application options.

The LR1300 is a crawler crane from Liebherr that is primarily designed for lifting work with high loads. Often used for maintenance and assembly work on wind turbines, it can be built up in many configurations with high mobility and application flexibility.

crawler craneThe LR1300 features a maximum load capacity of 660,000 pounds (300 tons), a maximum hoist height of 554′, a maximum radius of 377′, and a driving speed of .8 miles per hour driven by a high-performance and economical Liebherr diesel engine that meets the latest exhaust emissions standards. It offers a 322′ main boom, a 404′ high reach boom, a 371′ luffing jib, and a 79,400 pound auxiliary jib. Ground bearing pressure is 20.6 PSI.

Designed for road transportation, the LR1300 has a compact transport width of up to approximately 9.8′ when disassembled. This permits cost-effective transportation with standard low loaders. The connecting pieces of the luffing jib can also be transported in the connecting pieces of the main boom to save space. Fewer transport vehicles are therefore required.

crawler craneThe LR1300 has a self-assembly and self-loading system that enables unloading and assembly without an auxiliary crane for more efficient operation. Further, the crawler crane provides the option to move with the load on the hook. This mobility increases operating range on the construction site.

The LR1300 control system includes all operating and control functions of the crane and permits very delicate and secure lifting. The load capacities are automatically calculated during operation. The calculation of the load moment indication is also effected steplessly, or without interpolation, for optimal utilization of the machine.

For enhanced load capacity, the LR1300 Derrick Configuration is designed to increase the lifting radius of the crawler crane. This configuration adds a second boom used to hang a tray of counterweight or connect to a ballast weight that can travel with the crane’s rotation.