Madison Chemical AquaBlue Floor Cleaner & Degreaser

User- and environmentally-friendly water-based detergent that can be used for general cleaning needs

AquaBlue™ from Madison Chemical is an alkaline detergent for general floor cleaning. This water-based degreaser has penetrating and wetting properties that allow the fast removal of dirt, oil, grease, tire marks, and other soils from industrial floor surfaces, including painted ones.

degreaserAquaBlue is an environmentally friendly product without SARA 313 reportables (no butyl cell or glycol ethers). It does not contain VOCs or caustic mists and has a health hazard rating of 1 so it does not impact waste treatment.

AquaBlue is suitable for use with floor scrubbers, mop buckets, or spray wands. In addition to floor cleaning, it can be used for the cleaning of machinery, equipment, engines, and more, allowing a single cleaner/degreaser to replace specialty cleaning products, thus reducing inventory costs and streamlining the process. AquaBlue is also acceptable for use in food and beverage plants as an A1 general cleaning agent on all surfaces, or for use with steam or mechanical cleaning devices in all departments.

This clear, blue liquid with mild odor has an application rate of 1% to 7% by volume, a melting point/freezing point of 34°F, an initial boiling point/boiling range of 212°F, and a pH of 13.1 to 13.5. After use, AquaBlue cleaner and degreaser rinses easily and completely without leftover slippery residue.