Prof. Microbe All-Purpose Organic Cleaner

The First Food-Grade Microbial Cleaning Product

Prof. Microbe™ is a health-conscious, food-grade microbial cleaning product. This 100% organic cleaner is earth-friendly, people and pet-safe, all-purpose, chemical-free, and cleaner

Prof. Microbe is a science-based method of cleaning that uses living, food-grade microbes as its active ingredient. It is made of corn, baking soda, sugar, food-grade microbes, distilled water, and enzymes that digest dirt, food waste, and heavy grease.

Instead of terminating all germs present on a surface like traditional chemical disinfectants, the Prof. Microbe organic cleaner only eliminates harmful germs, without destroying the beneficial bacteria that provide nutrients and immune support. The microbes can prevent harmful bacteria from growing back for more than 24 hours.

John Moore, founder of Prof. Microbe, shares, “Our goal with Prof. Microbe is to bring honesty back into cleaning. Under the guise of protecting trade secrets, the major brands of cleaners have added toxic chemicals to their products without warning consumers of the inherent health risks. We created Prof. Microbe by using simple and organic ingredients, creating a wholesome cleaning product that not only improves the quality of cleaning, but is safe for humans, safe for pets, and safe for the environment.”

ISSA Senior Marketing Director Lisa Richter says, “We at ISSA are committed to helping our members change the way the world views cleaning by providing the tools they need to promote cleaning as an investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line…”