Modulating Fan Expansion

Tjernlund Expands Modulating Exhaust and Supply Fan Line

To meet the increased demand for energy efficient exhaust systems, Tjernlund Products has expanded its offering of fan designs to better match applications and building budgets. All fans are designed for interface with the new MPC-series pressure based modulating fan controllers. Typical modulating fan applications include multi-story ventilation and bathroom exhausts, chase exhausted clothes dryers, common ducted commercial clothes dryers, and common vented boilers and water heaters.modulating fan

Tjernlund’s modulating fan line includes:

ECUB-Series Up Blast Fans with ECM Motors: ECUB-Series fans are all-aluminum constructed and engineered to exhaust lint-laden air, foul air, smoke, fumes, odors, and grease-laden vapors from range hoods and commercial cooking appliances.

ECUS-Series Utility Set Fans with ECM Motors: ECUS-Series fans are made of heavy gauge galvanized steel designed for continuous operation to exhaust lint-laden air, foul air, fumes, and odors. Utility sets are also a suitable choice for general exhaust and supply requirements of commercial and light industrial applications.

ECID-Series In-line Fans with ECM Motors: ECID-Series fans are designed for installation in ducts. Made of heavy gauge galvanized steel, these fans are known for their economical use of energy and ease of control.

3 Phase VSRI Round In-line Fans: VSRI-Series fans are high capacity fans constructed of enamel-coated steel suitable for combustion and make-up air or ambient air exhaust in commercial and light industrial applications. They feature direct drive motors and heavy-duty motor supports designed not to impede airflow.

3 Phase VSVS Utility Fans: VSVS-Series fans are suitable for general exhaust including bathroom and clothes dryer chases and for combustion and make-up air. Belt driven with weather poof cover for motor, bearings, and drive shaft.

3 Phase VSUB Stainless Steel Housing Utility Fans: VSUB-Series fans are suitable for sidewall or vertical exhaust of non-condensing boilers, water heaters, and ovens or applications that require corrosion-resistant blower construction. Condensing equipment requires VSUBSS-Series fan with stainless impeller.

3 Phase VSAD Ryton Coated Centrifugal Up-blast Fans: Outdoor-mounted VSAD-Series fans are suitable for sidewall or vertical exhaust of non-condensing and condensing boilers, water heaters, and ovens or applications that require corrosion resistant fan construction.

Tjernlund’s MPC and MPCI Demand-Based Exhaust and Supply Fan Speed Controllers automatically maintain desired system pressure set points by monitoring changing system pressure and outputting a 1-10 VDC signal to adjust fan speed. Fan speed is automatically modulated to match varying exhaust or supply air volume requirements.

Other complementing components available from Tjernlund include EAT-Series Exhaust Air Terminals, MAC-Series Burner Interlock Expansion Modules, Grease Collectors, ESDR-Series Sub Duct Risers, and Variable Frequency Drives.