Temperature And Workplace Productivity

Hot/cold complaints are all too familiar to many facility managers, and something that impacts employee comfort and productivity.

Contributed by Go Fan Yourself, a designer and manufacturer of high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) Fans

Employee comfort is an important element of productivity. When employees feel uncomfortable for any reason, they have difficulty focusing on their work. This is why many employers invest in ergonomic desk chairs, cheerful lighting, or even attractive artwork. Still, countless businesses don’t recognize how much the temperature in the workplace can impact productivity. They could operate in a part of the world with extreme climates. They may be concerned with lowering their energy costs. They might just neglect to change the thermostat with the seasons. Whatever the circumstances, a work environment that is too cold or hot can hinder the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s workforce.

In fact, recent studies found that a significant number of workers say the indoor climate at their jobs is one of their biggest issues. It’s not hard to see how employees who are too busy sweating or shivering to concentrate on their tasks hurt their employers’ bottom lines.

Fortunately, there are steps companies can take to address the problem of temperature in the workplace. In many cases, a simple change may be all that is needed to make the work environment pleasant for everyone. For more information about how temperature affects productivity, see the accompanying infographic.

employee comfort
Provided by Go Fan Yourself