Mohawk Group Proposes Carpet Collection Inspired By Art

The Social Canvas Collection carpets were made in collaboration with ArtLifting to create a textured surface.

Mohawk Group introduced Social Canvas modular carpet collection. Using the work of artist Charlie French as a point of departure, this collection is a result of a collaboration with ArtLifting, an organization that uplifts artists who are impacted by disabilities or housing insecurity. ArtLifting provides a platform and creates opportunities for underrepresented artists to amplify their voices and participate in the contemporary art market.

Social Canvas conveys the expression of Charlie French’s abstract painterly style, depicted in multiple styles, each viewed as a different canvas. The styles in this collection span from chunky and smooth textures, colorful brushwork, and have a refined palette. Social Canvas serves as a focal point, or artistic accent, to bring warmth into spaces for all to feel welcome and supported.

This carpet collection offers six product styles: Uplifting Others Breaking; Space for All; Creative Culture; and Color Canvas. Color Canvas is a textured solid that can be used as additional brushstrokes and paint colors to complement or border styles from the entire collection. On its own, Color Canvas’ 12 colors serve as a minimal architectural installation.

With Mohawk Group’s new EcoFlex ONE backing, Social Canvas is Living Product certified, NSF 140 Platinum, and has low embodied carbon for a net-positive impact. This collection embodies Mohawk’s sustainability efforts and supports a more equitable future for all. In keeping with their commitment to Believe in Better, Mohawk Group crafted this collection with Duracolor Tricor Fiber, delivering unsurpassed stain resistance, colorfastness, durability, color clarity, and enhanced soil performance.

Mohawk Group believes that better floor coverings emerge from better design, innovation, and sustainability. Mohawk Group addresses the unique challenges and opportunities in contract interior spaces with a comprehensive carpet and hard surface portfolio of all types and price points.

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