More Efficient & Effective Security Monitoring

ProdataKey (PDK) and DW® (Digital Watchdog) enhance security offerings through seamless access control/VMS integration

ProdataKey, an innovator of networked cloud-based access control products and services, and DW® Complete Surveillance Solutions, a leader in digital recorders, surveillance cameras, and related management software, are pleased to offer a new integration between pdk io access control and the DW Spectrum IPVMS video management platform. This seamless, integrated solution allows DW Spectrum users to review all pdk io event data from within the IPVMS interface and enables more efficient and effective security monitoring through automated responses to access-related events. For example, activity at a door reader or a door propped open can activate the movement of a PTZ camera to provide corresponding coverage, initiate the pop up of a video layout, send e-mail notifications to designated users, generate an audio alarm at the monitoring workstation, and create a bookmark within the recorded video stream at the time of the event. A flexible rules engine makes it easy for installing dealers, integrators, and system administrators to program these and other sequences. security monitoring

The integration also allows DW Spectrum users to send commands back to the pdk io system to open or close doors, enable or disable certain features like “do not disturb,” and even trigger a lockdown. The result is a comprehensive security solution, accessible through a single interface, which delivers more features and functionality than two systems operating independently.

For DW customers wishing to add a pdk io system to their site, installation is fast and affordable thanks to a cloud platform that reduces upfront investment in on premise hardware and management. DW Spectrum IPVMS is accessed with freely distributed client software for Windows/Linux/Mac, the DW Cloud web client for all leading web browsers, and via the free DW Spectrum mobile app for iOS and Android. The server software is included with pre-configured DW Blackjack® NVR servers or it can be installed on third-party Windows® or Ubuntu® Linux-based systems. Together, the DW and PDK integrated solution offers one of the most affordable, feature-rich unified video/access control platforms industry-wide, both in terms of initial expense and long-term, total-cost-of-ownership.

“The seamless enablement of video verification related to pdk io access events, via the DW platform, is an extension of our commitment to deliver powerful security that is easy to use and fully accessible from wherever our customers want control—in this case, from within the DW Spectrum client interface as part of complete, integrated system,” said Evan Tree, CEO of ProdataKey.

“This is a solution that delivers,” added Patrick Kelly, Director of IP Video Solutions, DW. “Our mutual partners have been very eager to combine DW Spectrum’s ease of video handling with pdk io’s effortless cloud access control.”