NEW PRODUCT FLASH: 360 Task Light by Luxo

The 360 shifts to various viewing angles.

The new 360 task light from Luxo features a distinctive design and functionality. Featuring a custom made 6.5 Watt LED module in a horizontal lamp head, the 360 provides broad, directional light. The rotating base and flexible arm are designed to occupy little space when the task light is pushed back.

When fully extended, the task light covers a large area, while the lamp head stays parallel with the surface – providing asymmetric light output and ergonomically correct workstation lighting. 360 is dimmable, and automatically turns itself off after nine hours in order to save energy. It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The task light, which comes with the table base, is constructed of aluminium. It has a fully flexible spring balanced pivoting arm and lamp head with side to side movement. Available with a black, white or silver grey finish, the 360 is also available in a purple violet—a special 2011 edition.