NEW PRODUCT FLASH: 445-VBRRCF by Chicago Faucets

Chicago Faucets recently introduced a new faucet to complement its service sink faucet line. The company’s 445-VBRRCF janitorial service faucet was designed with built-in safety features and comprehensive code compliance to help protect the potable water supply in commercial buildings.

The 445-VBRRCF is designed for use on non-pressurized systems. The spout incorporates an atmospheric vacuum breaker that is closed by the ambient air pressure when the water flow is off. It helps prevent back-siphonage from a non-pressurized source—like a hose submerged in a bucket of contaminated water.

Other product features include: 21⁄2” offset adjustable supply arms with integral service stops, allowing for adjustable centers ranging from 3” to 8 3/8”; new integral spout and vacuum breaker with 3/4” hose thread outlet; new wall brace; lever handles with secured, color coded indexes and Quaturn compression operating cartridges.

Service sink faucets are engineered for high use, high abuse commercial applications such as janitorial and maintenance service areas in schools, hospitals, office buildings, and public facilities. Faucets in these locations are subject to more abuse than in any other location. Their exposure to chemicals and other contaminants can create a significant back-flow hazard to the potable water in a building.

The new faucet is eligible to ship via CFNow!, Chicago Faucets’ expedited shipping program. (Eligible products are shipped within five days of receipt of an order.)

A new Janitorial Service Sink Faucets Product Guide, available for download, describes the complete line of Chicago Faucets service sink faucets. The guide includes a selection chart to help choose the most suitable service faucet.